Mother’s Day Flower Gift: Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your mother a token of your love and there’s nothing to beat flowers for this annual event. However, even in the best of times, choosing flowers can be tricky, especially for someone who’s pretty hard to please and you don’t want to make mistakes that will get you into trouble. Some useful tips:

Mother’s Day Flower Gift

Not Being Original and Creative In Your Choice of the Flowers

Most men just tend to grab whatever is easily at hand at the florist’s to make their job simple and invariably end up choosing something mundane. You need to pay some thought to what flowers you should choose to please your mum. If you are not sure about what sort of flowers she likes, then at least think hard about the colors she prefers and then choose the flowers accordingly. Mother’s Day is a springtime event and there are a lot of options in seasonal flowers in myriad colors and shapes. With seasonal flowers that are sourced from local farms, you can be sure that they will be fresh and in perfect condition besides being far cheaper than exotic blooms brought in from halfway across the globe.

Not Including a Vase

While flower bouquets are handy for personally giving flowers, they are not very easy to display unless you pick one that is set in a basket of some sort. If you pick loose Mother’s Day flowers, you can be sure that they will be delivered in a box, which means that your mum will have to scrabble around for a suitable vase to keep them in. Spare her the trouble and add a thoughtful touch that will be really appreciated by adding a vase along with the order for the flowers. You can get a wide variety with the online florists; one of them will definitely be the right one for maximizing the impact of your gift and will keep on reminding your mother about the gesture long after the flowers have wilted and are thrown away.

Ordering Late

Not ordering the flowers well ahead of Mother’s Day is among the most common mistakes. By ordering at the last minute, you end up paying far more while having a more restricted choice. Because of the last minute rush, your florist may not be able to guarantee the delivery on or before the big day. It is quite likely that you will be charged extra for the delivery even if they agree to commit to the delivery date. If you want to buy good-quality flowers cheaply, and get them delivered on time, then order them a few weeks ahead so that you avoid any hassle.


If you are confused regarding any aspect of the flower gifting process, don’t be shy to discuss it with the florist; they are professionals and most willing to point you in the right direction. If you give them an idea of what you want, they will be able to put together a floral arrangement that is truly beautiful and within your budget.

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