Questions You Need to Ask About Branded Call Display

Branded call display (BCD) is a technology that lets enterprises add context to the mobile display, including company name, full name, logo, location, e-business card, social media links, and more.

This solution increases answer rates, improves customer engagement, reverses revenue loss, and protects your brand. It solves the last barrier to call deliverability – consumer distrust.

Questions You Need to Ask About Branded Call Display

What is Branded Call Display?

Branded call display is a technology that lets enterprises add context to their mobile displays, including company name, full name, business location, logo, e-business card, social media links, and reason for the call, so customers know who’s calling. This puts the power back in customers’ hands and gives them the information they need to decide whether to answer the phone.

Branded calls can be verified with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication so that consumers can trust that the call is genuine and won’t be spoofed. This increases the likelihood of an answered call and helps solve consumer distrust, the final obstacle to calling deliverability.

With branded caller ID, businesses can show their full name and logo on the caller display for outbound calls so that customers can instantly identify them and have more trust that the call is genuine. It’s a great way to improve customer engagement, increase answer rates by 30-60 percent and reverse revenue loss while protecting your brand and reputation.

A branded call display enables enterprises to reach over 250 million mobile devices through a single interface integrated with all major mobile, landline and VoIP carriers, Google Verified Calls and leading mobile app providers. There’s no need to develop separate, proprietary, non-scalable interfaces, and branded calling is available on Android and iOS without an app.

How Does Branded Call Display Work?

Branded call display is a powerful technology that allows businesses to add context to their outbound mobile displays. This could include a company name, location, logo, e-business card, social media links, and even the reason for the call. It helps solve many obstacles to effective outbound communication, such as spam labeling, carrier call-blocking policies, robocalls and spoofing.

It also demonstrates a modern, digital approach to communication, which is good for business and customers. The result is a branded call that makes consumers feel confident that they are speaking to the right people and increases their likelihood of answering the phone. BCD provides customers with the knowledge to decide whether to respond to businesses that need to increase customer engagement through the phone channel. The remedy aids in boosting response rates and customer retention, enhancing customer engagement, reversing revenue loss, and safeguarding your brand. Unlike other branded calling solutions, BCD guarantees a dependable, consistent experience across all top carriers.

The solution uses STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to sign the calls and deliver an enhanced branded call display experience on the called party’s mobile device. This allows for a seamless, unified experience across carriers and technologies without developing complex and costly interfaces.

This technology can help increase answer rates and retention, reverse revenue loss and protect your brand. It also delivers a unique mobile user experience to help you stand out. It’s one of the most innovative solutions in the telecommunications industry. It can help you connect with customers more meaningfully than ever before.

What Can I Include on Mobile Displays With Branded Call Display?

With branded call display, enterprises can add context to their mobile collections, including full name, logo, e-business card, social media links, business location, and more. This enables enterprises to increase answer rates and customer engagement, reverse revenue loss, and protect their brand. BCD can be displayed across all major carriers, ensuring a consistent experience for consumers and enterprises. This is achieved through a single standards-based interface that signs outbound calls via STIR/SHAKEN call authentication and then delivers the branded display experience. This enables enterprises to provide a scalable, secure, trusted customer experience across all carriers and technology partners.

How Do I Get Started With Branded Call Display?

The best way to get started with branded call display is by scheduling a demo with our team of experts. This includes a full-blown tour of our platform, showing you exactly how it works and what you can do with it. From there, it’s just a matter of getting your team on board and ready to go.

What Extra Advantages Does BCD Provide?

Today’s smartphone user experience could be better than the digital world. Enterprises can boost efficiency and improve engagement across all channels by offering a branded experience, demonstrating a contemporary digital strategy. BCD provides a unified experience across all platforms, strengthening connections and re-establishing customer trust. Customers, prospects, and business partners are much more likely to answer the phone if they recognize and trust the call as coming from you. It increases the response rate by 30 to 60 percent (and significantly higher for several observed customer pilots), enhances retention, stops revenue loss, and cuts costs to generate an additional 28% to 32% in revenue. Keep complete control over how your brand is presented to ensure that every interaction, through every channel, is optimistic.

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