6 Best Privacy Measures You Should Take While Accessing The Deep Web

The internet you are able to access via your web browser consists of a millions of websites. If you think that it is a very large number, then you will be astonished to hear that this part of the web, known as Surface Web, comprises of only 5% of the total web. The other 95% of the web is known as Deep Web and consists of over a billion tor sites that are not indexed by the web browsers. In order to access these websites, you will need an access to special software such as the Tor Browser.

6 Best Privacy Measures You Should Take While Accessing The Deep Web

The Deep Web is not the place for untrained users. However, if you are making use of the right tools and taking privacy measures, then there is no need to fear while accessing the Deep Web. Below are the best privacy measures that you need to follow when you are accessing the Deep Web.

Always use Tor Browser to access “.onion” Websites

With deep web getting so popular, a number of websites have provided you with the capability to access the “.onion” website through Google Chrome browser. However, doing so makes you vulnerable to data leak, hackers and scammers. It is always advisable to use the Tor Browser only in order to access the Deep web.

Download and install Tails OS on your system

While you can easily access the Deep Web via any OS system, it is advisable to install Tails OS on your system if you are a regular use of deep web. The OS is designed in such a way to enhance and preserve your privacy and anonymity on the deep web. It is much more effecting to protect you online than Windows.

Do not use Torrent Clients while accessing Deep Web

Torrent clients make use of scripts for downloading torrent files on the internet. If you use the Torrent clients such as uTorrent and BitTorrent while accessing the Deep Web, the scripts will be turned on which could eventually leak your data on the web. This is why it is advisable to always turn off scripts while surfing the Deep Web.

Avoid Downloading files from the Deep Web

Since a number of people on the Deep web are always on the lookout for scamming and hacking into other people’s systems, it is always advisable to be cautious while downloading stuff on the deep web as they could contain malwares, Trojans or viruses attached with them.

Always ensure that your Web Browser and OS is up-to date

It is very important that your Web Browser and OS is always up-to date with recent updates as they contain the latest security patches to protect you from viruses downloaded from the internet. This will help to protect you from malwares and viruses.

Always cover your Webcam and turn off your headphones

While people may not be able to track your location on the Tor Network, they can still have an access to your Webcam feed and listen to you via your headphones to know more about you. This is why most users who access Deep web cover the webcams on their laptops and keep their headphones turn off.

The Last Words

So, when you are accessing the deep web or dark web, make sure to take these security measures. Above we have listed some of the most common privacy measures that one can take to protect his/her privacy. Though deep web is place where you can find a lot of information and buy anything from deep web market place in minutes, you may get robbed away easily here. Be careful while accessing the dark side of internet by taking the above mentioned privacy measures.