Truth or Rumor: Is “Coffee with Karan” latest show coming soon?

Truth or Rumor: Is “Coffee with Karan” latest show coming soon?

Famous director Karan Johar is known not only for giving hits after hit in Bollywood, but he also got great love from the audience on TV. In fact, his ‘Coffee With Karan’ celebrity talk show is quite popular. Every star wants to come once in this show. Whereas apart from one disputed statements, stars also speak profoundly on the national TV.

The show was showcased one and a half years back, and its fans are eagerly waiting for its return. However, Karan is busy running a series of films and reality show as judge this year too. But for quite some time, it has been indicating that the new season is coming.

According to a source, “The show’s makers want Karan to come soon with the next season of this popular show and Karan has been approached by him for this. The problem with the delay in the start for the next season of Coffee with Karan is Karan presently packed with loads of work. And due to which Makers and Karan are not able to decide when to initiate with the telecast. But it has been assured that this year it will definitely come on air. The team has already been asked to prepare the list of guests. Apart from the celebrities, this season maker’s actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli is also can be expected to be present in the show. After their marriage, it is being planned to come in a media platform for the first time with “Coffee With Karan”. Katrina Kaif came in with Anushka Sharma for the last time.

Nonetheless, who would not be happy if these reports were correct, who would leave the chance to sit on the couch with Karan and leave the opportunity to give their own free opinions on Bollywood.

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