Tips on Keeping Safe the Next Time You Go on an Andaman Beach Vacation

The sun-soaked islands of Andaman and Nicobar that sparkle like emeralds in the serene Indian Ocean are a big draw for tourists and adventure seekers from all over the world. Andaman offers lovely sandy beaches that are just perfect for those who want to soak up the sun as well as lush green forests that beckon to be explored. However, tourists need to be aware of the many hazards that can spoil their time in paradise. Some tips on staying safe:

Go on an Andaman Beach Vacation

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Because Andaman has bright and sunny days, you must exercise a lot of care to prevent sunburn. The clear skies and the unpolluted environment coupled with the fierce reflection off the white sands can give you sunburn faster than you can think. Be sure to liberally apply sunscreen before you get to the beach;not only is sunscreen more effective when you apply it 15-20 minutes before but also applying it on the beach without rubbing sand all over yourself can be tricky. If you are out the entire day, be sure to reapply it at regular intervals.

If you don’t’ like the feel of sunscreen on your skin, then keeping yourself covered with light tropical clothes works best. Make sure that they are made out of cotton as your skin can breathe more easily and the sweat can evaporate. Wearing sunglasses is a must if you want to prevent your retinas from getting scorched. Wearing a hat or lying under a beach umbrella is also recommended. According to a leading Andaman tour package organizer, the best time to go exploring is in the early morning when everything is fresh and cool or in the late afternoon when the sun is down.

Keep Everyone Informed of Your Movements When on an Andaman Tour Package

Before stepping out on an adventure trip, be sure to discuss with everyone concerned what you are planning to do. Go over the list of instructions that should be followed in case someone gets lost and safety practices when in and around the water. Discuss how long the trip will take or how long you expect to be out and what you intend doing for food, etc. so that everyone is mentally prepared. Inform the staff of the hotel you are staying at of your plans so that they know what to do in case you go missing or are delayed.

Put the Essentials in a Plastic Bag

Make sure that you put the first aid kit, the compass, any identification papers, a box of matches and your phone, etc. in a strong plastic bag so that they keep safe if water is splashed on them. The plastic bag will also keep them protected from the sand.


You will be able to enjoy your beach vacation all the more when you know that you have taken all the basic safety precautions. It is never a bad idea to check out everything just once more and brief others in the group so that you are better prepared to face the unexpected.

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