Facebook Witnesses Double Friendship Posts In 2017 Than 2016

Facebook Witnesses Double Friendship Posts In 2017 Than 2016

More than 2x the posts related to friendship were shared in 2017 on Facebook in comparison to 2016, claimed Facebook marking its 14th anniversary this week. “Over 600 Million ‘Friendversary’ clips in 2017 were shared and users in India made most buddies in the year of 2017. On an average, almost 750 Million new friendships were made every day on the website,” Facebook claimed to the media in an interview while rejoicing “Friends Day.”

Facebook on “Friends Day” reminded users to show their thankfulness for the buddies in their lives via a particular product experience dubbed as “Friends Awards.” From this week, people in India began seeing a text from platform at the lead of News Feed with a personalized clip wishing them a “Happy Friends Day.” After the clip finished, users were shown “Friends Awards” from the clip, where they can create their own award for a buddy from a list of pattern awards or even share all or any of the pre-made awards.

The awards wrapped a range of activities among friends, some based on activities among friends and others on the basis of fun insights that only the 2 friends might know. Apart from this, the social media behemoth also offered a “Global Friends Awards.” While the Philippines made the most “Groups,” Mexico reported the most “Love” reactions on the website in 2017.

People of Brazil were the most camera-ready users with the utmost tagged pics, the U.K. had the most global check-ins, the citizens of the U.S. posted the most activities below “eating,” users in Germany shared the most birthday posts, people of Australia made the utmost events, and Indonesia had users with most friends for each person in 2017. Additionally, as fraction of “Friends Day,” the company might also rejoice the day with a sequence of short videos that underline extraordinary friendships.

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