Get A Chocolate From These Craft Candy Makers In Detroit On This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day on the verge of just a week, you may require some assistance discovering something sugary for your partner. Never fear, domestic choco makers are here! Yes, it is easy for the sluggish lover to go to the closest drugstore and get a box of these brown sweets.

Will Werner, chocolate expert and co-owner at Provisions, a chocolate, cheese, and charcuterie store that began in 2017 in Ferndale claims, “There is so much awful chocolate being traded in the area or, I might say, commercially available or big chain chocolate. There is a lot of chocolate being used and I think there is a lot of space for these choco makers to take a tad more of that share in the market as users get more cultured and care more about where they are purchasing from.”

Chocolate From These Craft Candy Makers

Birmingham Chocolate

Established by chocolatier Doug Cale in 2008 after he retired from a job in corporate America, Birmingham Chocolate makes gorgeous bars and truffles.

Bon Bon Bon

What is left to state related to booming bonbon business of the lifelong chocoholic Alexandra Clark? Her unique take on the arrangement (filling a cup of chocolate to the top, instead of molding 2 shell halves together) works day and night.

Champagne Chocolates

Champagne Chocolate is a traditional chocolatier in every season and is well accepted all over the world.

Guilt Chocolates

The newbie on chocolate block of Detroit, Guilt started in late last year after pals Scott Breazeale and Joe Nader left Ford Field to begin their own bonbon firm.

Gayle’s Chocolates

2018 symbolizes 39th anniversary of Gayle’s Chocolates. This is quite a run for a chocolate store that started life in a basement at Huntington Woods and eventually turned out to be a downtown Royal Oak anchor.

Well friends, if you are a citizen of Detroit, you must visit these shops.

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