Congress Electoral Candidate Gets Hurt In Police Action

Congress Electoral Candidate Gets Hurt In Police Action

A great deal of drama can be seen in the state of Madhya Pradesh as Mungaoli and Kolaras by-polls campaigning ended, with the opposition claiming their contender was wounded in police action.

As per Congress, a MLA from BJP dispersed money to purchase voters and attacked Congress party workers while attempting to stop their act with the help of police. It was during that time when one of their candidates got injured.

In response, the BJP released an image of the Congress contender giving cash to voters in the constituency of Mungaoli. However, Pankaj Chaturvedi, Congress spokesperson said this image is a morphed one.

The problem initiated in Kolaras in Khatora village when Congress party workers stopped Narayan Kushwah’s SUV, the MLA of Bhind, The claimed that the SUV is loaded with money to be shared among voters. Police came to the spot and lathi charged to break up the mob gathering. In the course, Mahendra Yadav, Congress Yadav and a few other members from his team were also wounded.

Yadav claimed that Kushwah had cash in his car but with the police’s help his driver escaped the spot with the cash. The police attacked the Congress workers instead.

However, the police assured that Kushwah has been charged under sec.188 and also added that of Congress approach the police with any grievance; case will be lodged in their support as well.

Right after that MP, leaders of Congress approached to Salina Singh, CEO’s office with complaints. Scindia and his party workers met OP Rawat, the Chief Election Commissioner of India and demanded to remove SP and Shivpuri collector while intimating him the incident.

The opposition party workers also sat on dharna outside the residence of Tarun Rathi, Shivpuri collector.

Rajnish Agrawal, the spokesperson from BJP stated this Kolaras incident as a well-staged drama played by Congress leaders. He added how is it possible that so many top leads of Congress reached the capital with their complaint immediately after the campaign finished.

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