How the Bail Bonds Process Works

If you or your loved one has gotten in trouble with the law, a bail bonds company can help; giving you surety within 24 hours. It is best to know beforehand how you can receive help if something like this happens. A bail bondsman will show you how you can deal with the nuances of being arrested by law enforcement. Obviously, you may not want to even think about a situation like this, but it can happen to anyone. It is important to know your rights and the correct legal process so you can save yourself a lot of headaches.

How the Bail Bonds Process Works

The Expectation

If you get arrested because of being suspected of a crime, the legal authorities will take you down to the police station in your local area. You will be fingerprinted and a mug shot will be taken. You will also be expected to provide a statement to one of the police officers on duty. You will be placed in a jail cell until your court hearing date where you will face a judge who will listen to your plea. However, if you are permitted to post your own bail, this would be the ideal situation for freedom. If you have help from one of the bail bonds Twin Cities professional, then you will be free to go until a subsequent trial hearing. Not every crime is eligible for the posting of bail, but if it is, then why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Find an Honest Bondsman

Once you have conducted research and made your decision on the bail bonds company that you would like to use, you should make sure that the company knows how to streamline the entire bail procedure. The next step is to make the phone call and give an honest explanation about your arrest. If you don’t tell the whole truth and if you don’t show up at your scheduled court appearance, it would not be in your best interest. The bails bondsman is not going to trust your integrity. It is best to cooperate, appear at every hearing, and execute everything that the judge instructs you to do. You should also follow the recommendations of the guarantor and also your lawyer.

How It All Works

A family or friend will contact the bail bonds company on your behalf after you have been arrested. The person will act as the liaison between you and the bails bonds company. Your family or friend known as the ‘indemnifier’ will be the one to complete the required paperwork. This person will be responsible to make sure that you show up at your scheduled trial.

The Release

Your bail bonds company will ensure that everything else is taken care of, including putting up the bail money and submitting the completed paperwork. That is when the release from jail occurs. The bails bondsman is the one who will arrange for your release and so the time spent after the arrest will be a short one.

The What Ifs

As was initially mentioned, as soon as the bail bonds company carries out all the necessary steps, the client must appear on the date of the scheduled court hearing. If the client is a ‘no show,’ the bail bonds company has to pay the bond amount in full, which the judge had ordered. The client is labeled by the court as ‘failure to appear.’ This new development will be added to the existing charges. The judge is more than likely to issue a warrant for the client’s arrest.