Celebrating the Chinese New Year 2018 In Hong Kong

Celebrating the Chinese New Year 2018 In Hong Kong

The Chinese New Year, which is considered as the year, will be commencing on February 16. And people across the world would be having their ideas and plans to celebrate this special occasion. And here we are presenting few ideas to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

The Chinese New Year night parade

It is an outlandish combination of traditional Chinese culture and commercialism, however, the Chinese New Year’s night parade is an unquestionably fun way to start the celebrations.

Get an auspicious taster menu

The word, “Auspicious,” is one that you will keep listening in Hong Kong during this celebration. Get an auspicious, jovial CNY dinner at the restaurant, Ho Lee Fook—the name translating as “good fortune for your mouth.” This blend diner is very well-liked by young, style-mindful inhabitants during the Lunar New Year commemorations and with good reason.

Cross the harbor past sunset

During Lunar New Year, the well-known Hong Kong skyline is illuminated with the neon pictures of the animal whose year we are getting into. The view across Victoria Harbor is actually worth watching, particularly, during the nightly light spectacles at 8 pm when the iconic structures switch on LEDs and lasers together with music.

Climb on Dragon’s Back

Climbing along the spot called as Dragon’s Back during the Chinese New Year commemorations is thought to be principally lucky with a birth date in the Year of the Dragon. Irrespective of when your birthday is, hiking to the Dragon’s Back is an incredible afternoon walk. From the top one can watch a beautiful array of coastal areas and beaches of Hong Kong. Simply get into the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station following a bus 9 to Shek O to reach there. Once reached, a well-signposted track starts with ordinary stop-offs and benches. Panoramic views are offered at the pinnacle of the trail, Shek O Peak.

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