GoldSeat To Start In-Vehicle Streaming In Buses

GoldSeat To Start In-Vehicle Streaming In Buses

Bringing flight like high definition movies, videos, music and other modes of entertainment in road transport have always been a dream for the business owners. Though many companies have started with this since 2015, many such companies have become extinct, faced by losses. But under such a negative scenario, the Gold Seat makers, Nischal Khetarpal and Gaurav Kapahi are confident about their entertainment modes in the above mentioned application.

These two ex-HCL employees believe that with smartphones and 4G internet spreading fast in people’s life, it is the right time for a service like Gold Seat.

This application which is exclusively prepared by these Delhi based entrepreneurs is a media serverloaded with movies, TV shows, songs and popular videos. The box is installed on the bus while the travellers need to download the app on their smartphones.  After the installation the videos will be directly streamed from the GoldSeat server to the mobile of the users. The duo also informs that the app is very light, just 3 MB and hence can even be downloaded on the go; even when the internet speed is less, the app is easily downloaded on the phone.

The users must have a phone with a Wi-Fi connection and wherever may be the bus, within a tunnel or at a remote area, the videos will stream at 720 pixels and there is commitment of no buffering.

GoldSeat is also connecting with four radio stations as bass so that besides locally stored movies and music, people can also access internet on the go. With a high load balancing capability, GoldSeat can accommodate 40 people at a single point of time. Also, they are providing different network options and users can choose the best available internet connection. GoldSeat has already started providing its services at Northern and Western Parts of the country and is in tie up with several bus companies.

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