Challenging To Label E-Cars Reasonably: Maruti

Challenging To Label E-Cars Reasonably: Maruti

Maruti Suzuki, which adds up for 1 out of every 2 vehicles traded in the nation, has claimed that it will be very difficult and challenging to label electric vehicles reasonably and roll them in the range of Rs 5–6 Lakh. This is a price segment that is the core of the car market of India. The statement by the largest car manufacturer in the country follows at a time when the government is pushing very aggressively for electric vehicle technology, and has requested firms to either work for the e-cars by the end of 2030, or be ready to be demolished.

Kenichi Ayukawa, MD & CEO of Maruti Suzuki, claimed that manufacturing reasonably priced electric vehicles stays one of the largest hurdles for auto firms, particularly as batteries for the cars are very costly and there is no communal infrastructure for charging. “Affordability is a problem, and we cannot seem to hunt down for an answer,” Ayukawa claimed to the media in an interview. “There are still problems related to cost. We wish to find answers. When asked if it might look at a cost range of Rs 5–6 Lakh, which is where Maruti presently rules with its goods, he claimed, “It is very hard and practically unfeasible, I believe so.”

Suzuki, the Japanese parent of Maruti, has inked an MoU with fellow citizen Toyota for rolling out electric cars in India by the end of 2020, and is also making a factory in Gujarat for lithium-ion batteries. They might also look at growth of allied techs as Suzuki will make electric cars for employment by Maruti while also providing some to Toyota.

R C Bhargava, the chairman of the company, has also claimed that affordability is one of the main reasons that will decide the popularity and adoption of electric vehicles in the industry.

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