Taking a Road Trip

When taking a road trip, the planning is half the fun. Are you going with family or friends? Are you visiting a favorite spot or trying out a new locale? Whatever your trip entails, being prepared before the trip will help everything go more smoothly.

Taking a Road Trip

Your Vehicle

No matter what type of vehicle you plan to drive, you need to make sure it is road worthy before you head out.

  • Check and most likely change your oil.
  • Have the brakes checked or get them changed if they are squeaky
  • Verify your car’s fluids
  • Try all the signals and lights
  • Have the battery checked
  • Look at the tire tread and air pressure of your tires
  • Make sure you have jumper cables and emergency equipment at hand
  • Test drive the car

Your Route

Plan your route very carefully. You will want to make sure there are plenty of gas stations along the way so you won’t worry about running out on the side of the road. If your car uses compressed natural gas, you can thank people who have promoted CNG fueling station construction across the nation for helping you get where you are going. However, be sure to note where the stations are so you don’t get stuck too far from one.

Your Destination

Be sure to check out your destination to make sure it has all the amenities you are planning on, especially if it is a new place. If you are looking to relax poolside, you don’t want to be surprised if the pool is in the middle of a scheduled maintenance. Knowing what to expect currently can help you make your decision on where to go.

Going on a road trip can be a great way to relax and enjoy what’s around you – both near and far. However, a little planning goes a long way toward making the trip more relaxing and enjoyable.