Coping With The Vestibular Disorder- How To Remain In Control

The vestibular disorder can disrupt the balance of your life in an instant. This disease happens due to multiple underlying conditions like excessive fluid inside the ear canal, vestibular infection, ear infection, and the unnatural movements of ear crystals.

The Vestibular Disorder

People who suffer from vestibular disease suffer from sudden bouts of vertigo, dizziness, spinning or swaying sensation, tinnitus (ringing sound inside ears), and balance problems. For them, often venturing outside becomes difficult due to the struggle.

Here are a few tips for you.

Change Your Diet

Changing your diet can help you to cut down the frequency of vertigo bouts in vestibular disease. Foods high in salt, MSG, and sulfites can cause dizziness often. Hence, it’s better to cut down on excessive salt and sugar and processed foods. Instead of regular table salt, you can use pink salt or rock salt for a healthier option. Besides that, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

A high amount of caffeine is not suitable for you. So, even if you love coffee, it is better to switch to green tea or decaf coffee or tea for yourself.

There is also an intelligent home remedy. You can opt for freshly brewed ginger tea to prevent the nauseous feeling. Get a great electric kettle from to brew some fresh ginger or honey tea to get some breather during a dizziness bout.

The Shoes

Shoes are also an integral part of lifestyle management. If you suffer from the vestibular disorder, you need to avoid specific shoes that cause accidental falls and balance hurdles. Shoes like slippers, flat heels, pointed shoes, stilettos, and sandals can cause extreme discomfort as they make balancing your feet harder; it is better to wear comfortable shoes and come with fall-resistant soles or non-skid soles. Women can wear kitten heels to get some height minus the balance problems.

Attending Social Commitments

The vestibular disorder does not mean that you need to remain indoors. You can also go to restaurants and parties and get-togethers or functions with a few adaptations.

Avoid going to a restaurant during rush hour since vestibular disease can become more terrible in a crowded place. If going, it is better to book a seat tucked inside a corner to prevent unnecessary noise and visual distractions.

If you are attending get-togethers or ceremonies, avoid seating near the sound boxes. These boxes can cause your ears to go out of balance. The extra noise also triggers tinnitus or ringing sounds in your ears, and it can worsen your vestibular condition.

Working Life Balance

If you are a working professional, you need to keep in balance despite having a vestibular disorder. Do not board a jam-packed train or public bus. Instead, opt for a less crowded option.

While cooking in the kitchen and at home, it is better to use noiseless appliances. For example, you can use a portable air conditioner instead of a noisy air cooler or fan. You can visit iDealHome guide to get some recommendations about portable AC machines.


Vestibular disorder is not a deadly disease. The dizziness and swaying or vertigo bouts can cause some discomfort. But, living with the condition is not impossible. With proper care and medication and a few lifestyle changes, you can easily remain in control even after having the vestibular disorder.