3 Perks of Treating Your Face

COVID-19 gave society a greater appreciation for small things everyone took for granted. Whether it was going out to eat, meeting up with friends or scheduling your favorite treatment at The Brow Room, humans had to sacrifice a lot of common pleasures as a new normal was established. With many salons around the country opening back up, and people finally getting their manes chopped off or their eyebrows waxed, another treatment to consider is a facial. 2020 has layered on so much additional stress and uncertainty in people’s daily lives. However, a facial is certain to help you forget about some of it by giving you a break from the real world while benefiting your skin. Here are three positive perks you may not have thought getting a facial could give you.

3 Perks of Treating Your Face

1. You’ll have better blood circulation.

When you massage any part of your body, the increased pressure makes the cells more lively and active. That means your face will work harder for you, leading to better skin. Rejuvenated cells leads to faster cell turnover, and dead skin will fall off more rapidly. This enhanced rejuvenation will contribute to cleaner, less acne-prone skin because your dead skin isn’t sitting around as long clogging your pores. The quality of your skin will significantly improve, and you’ll see benefits from a facial weeks and months after getting it done.

2. You’ll detoxify your skin.

It’s a popular trend to detox your digestive system by eating only certain foods for an extended period of time or doing a juice cleanse. However, another part of your body that also needs detoxed is your face. A facial is full of ingredients high in antioxidants that stimulate detoxification. Not having these vital nutrients in your skin can lead to increased dryness, acne and less-elastic skin. Elasticity contributes to less wrinkles forming, so keeping your skin detoxified will lead to significantly better-off skin now and years later.

3. You’ll have a more even skin tone.

Foundation is a life saver because it smooths out and unifies all the different pigments in your skin. However, facials do the same thing without makeup. If you suffer from dark circles or redness, a facial can help even out some of those uneven skin-tone issues. The increased collagen production will help get your skin back to functioning properly which will make your skin tone more unified. There are many surgical procedures that can leave your skin better off, but a facial is a smarter option because it’s all natural and just focuses on stimulation, rejuvenation and regeneration of the cells in your skin. It helps everything work better together and leaves you glowing from the inside out.

If there’s anything 2020 has taught civilization, it’s to cherish the little things in life. Booking appointments at your favorite spa may have felt mundane or a part of your monthly routine, but everyone’s routine was altered tremendously. As you welcome back treatments you once took for granted, maybe look at adding something new into your beauty routine.