5 Ways to Engage Your Employees

Have you ever worked in a job where you didn’t feel engaged? Are you now managing a team where people look disinterested? The reality is, it is more common than you think. However, if you engage the right techniques, and you build a business and management system that works, these moments of disengagement can disappear.

If you don’t however, this can be a chronic problem and the solutions to fix it could be costly including massive staff overhaul and setting your business back a year or two to get back on track.

That’s why we’re going to briefly discuss 5 ways you can engage your employees starting with…

5 Ways to Engage Your Employees

Hire the right people

It seems like a really simple solution however, it makes total sense. If you have the right people in the right role you are creating the framework to ensure that everyone is at minimum satisfied to create the necessary changes in the business and advance it moving forwards. But you also want staff that are a pleasure to work with; vibrant, outgoing, communicable people that know how to talk with others and make people feel at ease as well.

Train Managers

One of the worst things that any business can do is, not train their managers. Managers need to be taught a variety of soft skills as well understanding business processes and how to work with different people and different attitudes as well. It’s about making managers understand the lay of the land and spotting when people are feeling disengaged and what they can do to help that person out. Managers are the connections between staff and senior team members, they need to be trusted and approachable for staff to feel engaged and empowered within the business.

Set Good Examples

It goes without saying that setting good examples comes from the top. If you don’t want your staff being aggressive or dismissive, your managers shouldn’t either demonstrate that behaviour. Likewise if your senior staff are disengaged with the people and the work that is coming in, it will trickle down to the rest of the team creating all sorts of longer term issues to run with.

So, set a good example and get feedback on what is working well, when you know what it is, be sure to keep pushing in the right direction.

Be Flexible

Everyone can feel that the job is getting in the way of their personal lives as well affecting them mentally when working long hours or being stuck in the office for too long. The solution is to be flexible with your staff. HR Solutions like this from CPHR allow staff to work from home or in a cafe and give them the tools to track the time they are working and keep up to date with the office in terms of projects and so forth. Give your staff the tools to work flexibly and they will honour a lot of that good will.

Make It fun

Finally, don’t make work just about work. People have hobbies, passions, ideas and visions, go out for social events and give them time to show you who they are. Engaging with staff at a social capacity allows people to open up and feel trusted.