Establishing Fire Safety In The Workplace

Workplace fires account for billions in damages and hundreds of deaths; therefore, it’s important that business owners be proactive, and create protocols for emergency procedures, thinking ahead to protect employees and their company. Work with a team to determine an action plan, reviewing it regularly and updating it as needed. As you piece together response actions, consider the following information.

Establishing Fire Safety In The Workplace

Establish Clear Pathways

Do you have an easy, efficient way for people to escape? Pull out blue prints, and look at exit points. You want multiple routes, just in case the blaze creates a barrier for a side. In addition, examine hallways, stairways, and escape ladders to ensure that they are in good condition, well lit, handicap accessible, and free of obstructions.

Inspect Systems Regularly

In addition, make sure that the building remains up to fire code, having all systems checked annually. For example, you’ll want to maintain the 5 year fire sprinkler certification california. These could be your best line of defense. As the valves sense smoke, the water is triggered, hopefully giving people time to escape and minimizing destruction. If you rent space, discuss evaluations with the location’s manager or owner, asking for verification each year.

Purchase Safety Equipment

If possible, try to stop the sparks before they become massive, endangering lives and property. You’ll want workers to know where to locate fire extinguishers, keeping them in close range. Many people have never used one, so spend a meeting once a year reviewing how to use them. Are you on a second or third story? What would you do if the conflagration is in the stair well or on the first floor? See if ladders are available for the length. If not, meet with the local fire department on how you should proceed.

Sparks could happen at any time. Put your crew first, and consider how you might help them be safe.