2 Roles of an Entertainment Lawyer

Life is full of opportunity. Everywhere you look, there are open doors. You just have to put in the work, believe in yourself and have a vision that correlates with passions you possess. Working in a field you enjoy makes a job that much better, and you will feel a sense of pride and enjoyment every day you go to work. However, you also have to have stability and job security in whatever career you choose. A field full of security and growth is law. Everyone needs a lawyer and the expertise and wisdom they possess. While you probably know of criminal defense lawyers or prosecuting lawyers, the array of legal practices out there is extremely vast, and you may be surprised to learn how fun some of the practices can be. John Branca gets to advise and represent celebrities as an entertainment lawyer. Now, that doesn’t sound boring! If law is something you’ve considered for a career but weren’t totally sure what type to practice, here are two roles you’d fill as an entertainment lawyer such as Attorney John Branca.

2 Roles of an Entertainment Lawyer

1. Protect Clients Intellectual Property

This is a very important role in the business. Not only are people in entertainment extremely creative, but their creativity becomes intellectual property that needs protection. As a lawyer, you will make sure anything your client creates is protected and properly documented, so no one can steal what they develop. There are slimy people out there who will find ways to manipulate people and ultimately steal their work. That’s where your expertise and strong understanding of copyright laws and infringement come in handy. You’ll go through the channels to make sure any music, brand or piece of work is properly protected and benefiting your client for all the work they’ve done. It’s an important part of the job because in the entertainment industry, the content you generate is everything.

2. Oversee Unions and Membership Organizations

This role isn’t as directly related to working one-on-one with clients. Instead, you could be employed by a union or professional association to vet possible new members and represent the unions if they ever need legal advice or end up in trial. Being heavily involved in the entertainment world will allow you to learn the ins and outs of the business and will make you a reputable source people will seek out for entertainment advice and wisdom.

Finding the perfect career may seem daunting, but it surely isn’t impossible. Law has a lot of different outlets to consider, and entertainment law may be just the right fix of fun and hard work to suit you for a career.