Is a Family Lawyer Worth it? Find Out More

Solving family legal issues alone is an uphill task, mainly while navigating through the judicial system. In such instances, professionals like the Cordell and Cordell law firm comes in handy by providing you with reputable family lawyers with a wide array of experience in handling family legal matters. Below are some of the main reasons you should contemplate hiring a family lawyer.

Family Lawyer

Court Representation

At one point or another, one of your family members may commit an offense and hence need to appear before a court. In such an instance, your family lawyer will aid in defending and representing your family member by gathering the necessary evidence and submitting it in court.

Handling Adoption Cases

As a family, you may decide to foster another child as your own legally, and in such an instance, several legal procedures should be followed for the latter. A family lawyer will provide you with all the legal assistance you require to ensure you successfully adopt a child.


Often or not, many marital conflicts lead to divorce. Your family lawyer will enable you to go through the divorce procedure without any hitches smoothly. Your family lawyer will also guide you on the best way to share the property you acquired with your spouse during this process.

Child Custody

Divorce leads to the division of families, leading to disagreements regarding child custody issues. At times, the parents may decide on the child’s custody, but experts such as Cordell and Cordell lawyers can intervene if there are constant disagreements.

Some issues like which parent has a stronger bond with the child, whether any of the parents have a criminal record, and the child’s primary caretaker are considered when determining child custody. Suppose the parents are unable to decide on the child’s custody amicably. In that case, a family lawyer will submit evidence to the court on which parent is suitable to retain the child’s custody.

Child Support

After a divorce, both parents have a responsibility to support the child. Family lawyers ensure that the child support agreement is favorable to both parents and that there is no underpayment. Some of the considerable aspects of child support include the parents’ income, child’s expenses, and allowable deductions.

It is evident that hiring a family lawyer is vital to help you with solving complex family legal issues. You should consider hiring an experienced and reputable family lawyer for excellent results. Before hiring a family lawyer, ensure you come up with favorable working terms.

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