PM Takes On Siddaramaih, Mission Vs. Commission, Asks People

PM Takes On Siddaramaih, Mission Vs. Commission, Asks People

Speaking to the people while in a rally of BJP in Mysuru, Narendra Modi criticized the current government of Siddaramaiah of being corrupted. There are instances of corruptions and scams on daily basis. He further added that this government works on a commission of 10% and when he said this people countered that this data is not correct, the commission is quite higher than this.

While in the rally, he asked the people whether they want a government which is driven by a mission or a government which works on commission saying that he knows that people are agitated with the present administration. He also stated that the time of Siddaramaiah government has come to an end because Karnataka wants a government which is mission-driven.

While addressing the people during the second rally in Karnataka before the upcoming elections Modi compared the Congress to the speed bumps on the roads saying the Congress has always acted against development. Wherever there is Congress in power, the people suffer because it’s a government that only cares about power and not about the hopes of the people.

Modi challenged the rule of Congress so far in the country and urged the people to ask the Congress of their work in India over the span of the years they have ruled for. Modi accused the Congress government of telling incessant lies wherever they were in power and criticized them by saying that now people are no longer going to believe in their lies and fall into false traps.

Modi stated that he will be granting 6,400 crore INR for the construction of a national highway of 6 lanes and 117 km long from Mysuru to Bengaluru. He also promised of a satellite railway station amounting to 800 crore INR to be built in Mysuru.

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