Defeating BJP Is Not Impossible…Rajasthan By Election Shows

Defeating BJP Is Not Impossible…Rajasthan By Election Shows

Sachin Pilot is very elated with the by-election victory in Rajasthan. He said he doesn’t even remember the alley of Delhi as he has spent all his time in Rajasthan to build a substantial leadership. Farmers and youths have returned to Congress.

The results of by-polls in Rajasthan highlight anti-incumbency response against the ruling party as well as the CM, Vasundhara Raje. Sources said that tomorrow Pilot will take his new members of parliament to Delhi for a prologue. He campaigned very hard for this day, addressed uncountable meetings in Ajmer, which was his previous parliamentary constituency.  The ticket was given to Raghu Sharma, his deputy after a great deal of resistance from Ashok Gehlot, Congress politician.

Now, days for Raje are going to be harder. She is already been tagged as arrogant, disconnected, corrupt and feudal by her own party. To safeguard her turf, she has to fight hard.

Although, Pilot has cleared an important exam, his struggle will continue. Regardless of the triple victory, he won’t be seen as the tentative Chief Minister in the elections to be held in December in Rajasthan.

The ill-at-ease cease fire with Ashok Gehlot will carry on and both Pilot’s supporters and those of Gehlot will try hard to project their man as Chief Minister. Mr. Gandhi is not showing any intensions of making any decision. However, in Madhya Pradesh, he must pick one between Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia.

A senior leader of Congress said that Modi and Shah shall learn their lessons from this defeat. However, Congress is in a mood to celebrate and not learning anything from it, said the leader.

What we didn’t pay a heed to is that the Congress dropped to 4th number in West Bengal, as BJP came out as the key opposition party.

To conclude, today’s win proves that nothing is impossible. This is not only the defeat of BJP, but also extremists like Karni Sena.

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