Jobs Of Indian IT Professionals Are Not Going Anywhere

Jobs Of Indian IT Professionals Are Not Going Anywhere

India-located GICs (global in-house centers) or captives of the U.S. companies will carry on making highly-trained tech jobs here. This will follow in spite of the U.S. Government’s bill to decrease rate of corporate tax for conveying back jobs to the U.S.

The nation is home to almost 1100 GICs, a huge piece of which are of US-located firm, and they use almost 1/4th of the 3.9 Million IT experts.

A firm that makes easy installing up of GICs in the nation and 2 key consulting companies claimed that the planned tax slash in the U.S. may not later the plans of U.S. firm for expansion and hiring of GICs in India. This is due to the cost competitiveness and accessibility of diverse talent in India. “The next best choice to employing the people of the U.S. in the country itself is employing at GICs. This is due to employing global citizens for the U.S.,” claimed chief executive officer at ANSR Global, Lalit Ahuja, to the media in an interview. ANSR Global is a GIC strategy consulting and implementation firm.

Even if the U.S. tax reform declared previous month looks to lower the load of 35–21% for companies and give confidence to them to employ more people of the U.S., the GICs seem to be a lot helpful since they hire people for the parent firm.

“It is about the companies of the U.S. and their interest and hence for the correct purpose if the firms of the U.S. were to globalize, it is still seen as a more favorable choice in comparison to outsourcing. So if you see at outsourcing particularly offshore outsourcing, it has a suggestion of job loss. And because you are making jobs in India and losing jobs in the U.S. with IT services exporters, you are making new capabilities,” claimed Ahuja.

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