Common Types of Marine Electronics

The marine industry is constantly evolving and innovating. This is true both with design as well as with the electronics used on the crafts. It seems that there are remarkable advancements coming out every single year, if not every month. When it comes to electronics specifically, there are thousands of different kinds of electronics that can improve safety, communication, navigation and entertainment while out on the water. While marine electronic technical support is necessary for many types of electronics, you can also educate yourself on many of these new and exciting pieces of technology to have a better idea of what’s right for you.

Common Types of Marine Electronics

Communication Equipment

One of the most important categories for marine electronics is that of communication. Whether you’re out on the water for your enjoyment and just need to be able to communicate with other marine craft nearby, or you’re caught in a storm and you need to communicate that you’re in trouble and need help, these electronics have incredible value. Some of the most common types of marine communication electronics include VHF, Wi-Fi, smartwatches, FM radio, walkie talkies, antennas and more.

Navigation Electronics

Another incredibly important electronics category for marine products is that of navigation. Gone are the days of sailors being able to exclusively use the stars and sun to navigate open water. In today’s landscape, we have so much technology to help with directional and navigational actions, it’d be a shame not to employ it on your craft. Some of the most common types of navigation electronics include radar, sonar, chart plotters, MFDs, transducers, autopilot and much more.

Safety Electronics

Anyone that owns a watercraft understands the huge initial cost that comes with making a purchase like that. Compared to many land vehicles, boats can be double, triple or quadruple the cost. In order to protect a big investment like this, purchasing electronics that aid in safety and security is a must. There are tons of advanced electronics that can help to protect your boat from things under the water as well as from people who might want to try and swipe your craft. Some of the most common safety electronics out there include safety cameras (with both thermal and night vision capabilities), beacons, battery monitors, docking control systems, distress lights, smart boating systems and more.

Entertainment Electronics

Last, but not least, there are lots of electronic devices out there dedicated solely to improving your entertainment value while out on the water. Whether you need speakers, media units, amps or drones, you can find electronics out there to fit the bill.