7 Cool Facts About Air

Have you ever thought about what’s around you? Millions of air particles surround us, even though you can’t see them. Air is fascinating and does a lot more than you may think. Here are seven facts about air that can help you appreciate it.

7 Cool Facts About Air

1. Air Is Made Up Of Gas

Although the atmosphere contains 21% oxygen, a whopping 78% of air is nitrogen gas. There are also small amounts of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other gases.

2. We Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need Air

Oxygen helps everything around us, especially the plants. Respiration is an important process that helps us and everything living breathe, grow and gain energy.

3. Air Can Be Used As Energy

Like the use of gas, water and electricity, air can be used to create energy for tools and equipment. A compressed air system Jacksonville FL forces the particles together and increases the pressure, which later turns into kinetic energy.

4. Air Can Carry Things

Ever heard of pollution? The air can contain dust particles, pollen and even soot. This is unhealthy for the environment and your body, so check the news to see how bad the pollution is.

5. Air Pressure Can Change

If you live close to the sea, you may feel the air pressure pushing you down. The higher up you get, the pressure lessens. This can make it a little harder to breathe, and sometimes your ears can pop during an airplane ride.

6. Air Can Move Fast

Wind speeds can become dangerous. When the flow of air moves from one pressure to the next, this can create strong winds. Next time there’s a windstorm, find out how fast the wind was moving. Wind can move at incredible speeds!

7. The Air Protects Us

Our atmosphere is what makes Earth unique. It keeps us alive! However, it does so much more. It also acts as a cushion. It protects everything living here from harmful UV rays. This is called the ozone layer, and it is vitally important to our survival. The atmosphere also regulates the temperature on earth, so it doesn’t get too cold or hot for life to thrive.

Air is really fascinating, even though we can’t see it. There are many things that make up the atmosphere, and the different pressures and levels make it unique. We have survived so long due to the oxygen and cushion that it provides. Take a deep breath in to show your gratitude for the air around you.