The Best Way to Store Harvested Plants

Gardening can provide people with both a fulfilling hobby and some great produce. However, if your garden produces more food than you can eat in one season, it can be to your benefit to learn how to store them to make them last as long as possible so none of your food (and hard work that went into producing the food) goes to waste. Below are a couple of the best ways to store harvested plants.

Store Harvested Plants


Bottling and canning food has been one of the most popular forms of preserving food for centuries. It was one of the best ways to keep food preserved before refrigeration was invented and it still works wonders today! You can use glass bottles (like mason jars), tin cans, or plastic bottles to store your goods. If you have a lot of food you need to preserve, it’s best to buy in bulk. Check out wholesalers and plastic bottle packaging suppliers to get the best deals.


Freezing is another great way to most any kind of food you are harvesting. Like bottling, this works for both fruits and vegetables. When freezing, it can be best to store the food in plastic containers or freezer bags. To get the best results, try to get as much of the air out of the bag as possible; this can help to prevent freezer burn. When you want to eat the food, simply let it defrost! This is great for most foods (however, leafy greens may not hold up well).

When you find yourself harvesting your garden and having too much food to eat right away, consider using one or both of these methods of food preservation. Both of these methods can keep your food unspoiled even after the harvest season is long over. With that being said, good luck!