Crisis Response Guidelines

The coronavirus is a timely, relevant example of what crisis management and communications look like in real-time. As both state and federal quarantine orders persist, for the time being, people are growing impatient as both the global and U.S. economy begins to reel. Crisis management has almost never been as important as it is today. Here are three things to factor in your cms emergency preparedness plan.

Crisis Response Guidelines

1. Create an Agile Plan

Business continuity planning can be tricky because there are all kinds of scenarios that can play out and impact different areas of the business. It can be difficult to account for all possibilities. Your plan should cover essential business functions, identify who is critical staff, and allow for remote working with network and connectivity security as your baseline. Other plan features should allow room for flexibility as the situation changes so that you can respond quickly.

2. Cover Your Cash Flow

It is no secret that financial experts recommend three-to-six months of cash reserves. It is also clear that many small businesses do not put that recommendation to practice as you see businesses folding and unemployment rising by millions weekly. Those with cash reserves are the most likely to weather this and other storms as they arise. The new SBA loans may help bridge the gap for some during the current crisis, but cash reserves is an absolute must for businesses going forward.

3. Communicate Effectively

Communication is key in business and in life, but it is especially so in times of crisis. People must trust the person communicating to them whether it is a business owner, a media outlet, or a government official. You must learn how to balance the delivery of important information along with empathy for what people are feeling in the midst of a crisis.

This is an uncertain time. Unfortunately, unexpected disasters will continue. Therefore, it is important that you have an effective cms emergency preparedness plan in place. These items are foundational to any plan.