5 Easy Ways To Become a Better Cook

The art of culinary can be developed in many ways. Not everybody is blessed to master the art of cookery. It certainly takes a regular practice and need some dedication to do all the things easily of cooking food. Confidence and practice is the key to manage the kitchen.

People are always asking how can I become a better cook. Okay, here I am goig to share my experiences and tips.

Playing with kitchen stuff is certainly doable. Here I am gonna talk about 5 easy ways to become a better cook. These tips will help you to become a better cooker.

Ways To Become a Better Cook

  1. Manage the cutting board and the knife:

If you find it difficult to cut vegetables and fruits, it’s time to change your knife first. 90% of the people who feel reluctant to cook are primarily because of a bad knife. With a blunt edged knife, you need to dedicate extra efforts in cutting vegetables. But with a sharp knife that chops well, we bet you are going to enjoy cooking food more than anything else.

  1. Use shortcuts or equipment:

You don’t have to follow the traditional methods of cooking all the time. Fill your kitchen with some equipment that can reduce the cooking time. For example, you can choose a rice cooker instead of preparing rice on gas. This will not only increase the quality of the cooked food but also increase your interest in doing the job.

  1. Repeat the recipes:

So you just learned how to cook pasta yesterday? Let me tell you that learning verbally is not enough to make you a good cook. Until and unless you practice the same thing regularly, the ingredients will not remain in your brain for long. In order to become a master chef, practice things regularly.

  1. Use minimal ingredients:

Since you are a beginner, avoid using hundreds of spices in a single dish. Believe me; food can be very tasty with the correct balance of Herbs and Spices. It’s not always that you need to use many things in order to bring the flavor. A combination of 2 – 4 spices is enough to make the food tasteful.

  1. Take the help of a Mixer Grinder/ Juicer:

Your all time helping partner; mixer grinder should never be kept aside when you cook food. Choose a good mixer grinder can help you in several tasks of cooking like grinding spices, mixing, etc. A single juicer mixer grinder can help you to extract fruit juice, chop vegetables, prepare shakes and grind food. All the manual jobs you can do using a mixer grinder.

So if you are planning to become a better cook, do not forget to use a mixer grinder for grinding spices to prepare your recipes.

As Long As you remember the ingredients and are willing to do some hard work, you can become the best cook. Experimenting is always worthwhile when you are planning to master any art.