Death Penalty For Rape And Murder Of 7 Year Child In Tamil Nadu

Death Penalty For Rape And Murder Of 7 Year Child In Tamil Nadu

The accused Dhasvanth found guilty and was given death sentence from the court on the charges of raping and murdering Hasini, a 7-year old kid. In Tamil Nadu, last year, the criminal burnt the minor’s body after raping.

P Velumurugan, Special Judge, found Dhasvanth, the accused, guilty under Indian Penal Code Sections 363, 366, 354-b, 302 and 201 for kidnapping, abduction, assaulting or exerting force on woman with the objective to disrobe murder and disappearing evidence respectively. Several other sections of POSCO Act have also been charged against him.

Rajesh, Hasini’s father is happy with the verdict and believed that justice has succeeded.

He added that he is grateful to the judicial system for providing the correct judgment. He knows his daughter will never return, but this quick justice may ensure no one gets the courage to do such heinous crime ever again.

The Chengalpet, Mahila Court declared its judgment after scrutinizing 45 documents, 30 witnesses and 19 bits of evidence related to the case that of course experiences many twists in the duration of a year, whilst the most surprising one being the man killing his own mom after he was released from prison on bail.

It was Feb, 2017 when Hasini, the 7 year old girl went missing. The police suspected Dhasvanth who used to reside in the same residential complex as Hasini. However, he escaped because the police was unable to present the chargesheet after 3 months and Dhasvanth got a legal bail.

The trail for the case started in October, 2017. Two months later, Dhasvanth’s mother’s dead body was found at her apartment in Chennai. Shortly, it was discovered that Dhasvanth ran away with his mother’s valuables.

The police caught him 4 days after the incident, but the techie managed to run away from police again on December 7, 2017. On the next day, he was arrested again. He confessed that he killed his mother.

He was awarded death sentence for his crimes. In the meantime, Rajkumar, Dhashvnath’s lawyer said that they will appeal the court’s decision.

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