Step 2 Verification Of Gmail Used By Just 10% Users

Step 2 Verification Of Gmail Used By Just 10% Users

Though Google has introduced two-step verification on its mail services, Gmail, a recent survey shows just 10% of users have this service active. As per a 2016 survey, only 12% Americans have the habit of using a password manager to safeguard their accounts.

This statistical data has been revealed by Google software engineer Grzegorz Milka to The Register. When asked why Google is not making the two-step verification a mandate, he said that this might force many users out of using Gmail; a risk Google is not ready to take at present.

This 2-step verification involves generating an OTP as soon as the first step verification, that is, a password is entered. This OTP or security code is sent to the mobile number of the user. This initiative was taken to reduce the number of unauthorized entries into the Gmail account. This is an effective measure to stop hacking as the user must have his/her phone or security pin along with the password to enter the mail account. This physical level of security is much more concrete and reliable than the virtual password method.

It has also come into news that besides using this two-step verification Google is also using heuristics on massive scale to identify any skeptical behavior.

Google is requesting its users to go for the second step verification. Though the process appears to be cumbersome and time consuming, it comes with long term benefits. When the virtual world is wrecking with Bitcoin and ransomware hacks, it is important that users opt for this enhanced security method to protect the confidential attachments and information stored in the emails.

At present, Gmail is one of the most used email service providers around the world. Many other email accounts are also trying to adopt this two-step verification just like Google.

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