Eat, Sleep, Drink Lemon Water, Repeat

It’s been proven that establishing healthy routines is vital for overall wellness. Going to bed at a similar time, waking up at a similar time, eating regularly, and portion-control all go together to contribute to a well-balanced mind and body. Many have added lemons to their daily routines and are reaping the health benefits of this inexpensive and common citrus fruit.

Why Drink Lemon Water

Why Drink Lemon Water?

Adding lemon water into your daily rhythm, especially first thing in the morning, is another great tool to implement, promoting your overall wellness.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in a “water is boring” funk, and the plethora of swaps available are generally less than ideal. Sugar-ridden sodas and teas are addictive and ultimately detrimental – increasing the likelihood of diabetes, heart disease, and generalized obesity.

Adding lemon to water gives it a pop of flavor and refreshment, some zing to take away the “blah-factor” and add back some appeal to the lackluster lifeline that is, H2O.

The Health Benefits of Lemons

Beyond simply its taste, lemons are also high in antioxidants that support weight loss, and in vitamin C which has proven anti-aging effects like reduced wrinkle appearance and overall skin health.

Feeling constipated? Hydration is the first step in promoting healthy digestion. Drinking more water, and especially water enhanced with the goodness of lemons will inevitably get the digestive tract running more smoothly.

In the Ayurveda approach to medicine, it is said that lemons’ sour status actually kick-starts digestion helping a person digest foods more easily and eliminate the build-up of toxins.

Over the expanse of time, humans have walked the earth, and with the help of science to uncover the hows and whys of healthy living, it’s become easier and easier to make informed, healthy decisions.

Choosing Wisely

On the other hand, the availability of poor options to support pleasure-seeking tendencies has also increased. Indulge this. Consume that. What’s the harm in just one?

The harm, unfortunately, is the conglomeration of all the “ones.” The addictive nature of sugar means it’s unlikely a person will stop at just one. Over time, the health issues will pile up, but not until long after the established rhythm of unhealthy choices has been chipping away at a person’s wellness, ever-discreetly.

Stay up later. Zone out on television longer. What’s the harm in less and less sleep?

Again, it’s in the prolonged decrease that the body will simply stop running as effectively. Adequate sleep is imperative for the body to function well. Memory, balance, and intuition are all affected by sleep. And with all the stress that comes with the rush of our advanced western society, good, quality sleep has become harder to access and harder to enjoy.

Get into a Routine

To live your best life, choose routines that promote long-term gain over short-term flames.

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