Book Review: Healing Hearts

There are times when we struggle to deal with what life throws our way.  The difficulties we have overcome, pain we have endured, and losses we have suffered all threaten to break us…

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Fame Focus Friday: Lohan to Morgan, Not a Cokehead Lesbian

Well ladies and gentleman, this is (hopefully) the last post you will be reading about Lindsay Lohan because a mere few days ago, Lohan told Piers Morgan in an interview published in the…

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Fame Focus Friday: Shay Mitchell You Are Definitely Special

Pretty Little Liars came out during the midst of my coming out. There were so many similarities between my life and the show. Sure, no one was murdered in my friend group. No,…

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Fame Focus Friday: Perry and Gilbert Engaged

Grammy-award winning songwriter Linda Perry, 47, popped the big question to actress and TV host Sara Gilbert, 38, earlier this week. And with the way Perry proposed, Gilbert would have had to be…

Fame Focus Friday: Jenna Wolfe’s Baby News

  It’s been such an exciting week for the LGBT community. First, the house that activist Aaron Jackson bought across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church got painted the colors of the…


Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 9 – Ceremony

  It’s finally time for Bo’s Dawning ceremony. After an emotional run in with Trick, he draws a symbol of a portal on Bo’s forehead. The two hug, she says her goodbyes to…

Fame Focus Friday: Kristen Stewart, Again?

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has fallen victim to lesbian rumors lately. As a Twilight hater (sorry…kind of), I have never felt any personal connection to Kristen Stewart at all. In fact, I found…

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Fame Focus Friday: Proposition Mila Kunis

What’s more romantic than being asked to a dance by a giant, spray-painted rock and a 6-pack of Blue Moon beer? That’s right, absolutely nothing. So what are you waiting for Mila Kunis?…


Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 8 – Fae-ge Against the Machine

Bo starts off the episode by getting the day off from her Dawning training because she failed at a challenge. She’s secretly happy though, and told Lauren about the good news. Lauren is…


Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 7 – There’s Bo Place Like Home

Bo must prepare for The Dawning, so Stella is brought in to help her out. The oh-so-intuitive Stella can tell that Bo is still being eaten up by her past, specifically the time…

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