What is CherryGRRL?

Note we said “What” above and not “Who.” This is because CherryGRRL is not one person – not one lone lesbian with a lot of time on her hands, representing one point of view. Instead, CherryGRRL is a forum. CherryGRRL is a place where news is spread, ideas are presented, jokes are made, and lesbians are promoted. And technically, CherryGRRL is an online magazine that focuses on lesbian news, entertainment, and culture.

Tell you more? OK… CherryGRRL is independent. Back in August of 2008 two girls in Brooklyn, NY, came together (well, they were already together but we’re painting a picture here) and created a little website with the goal of bringing more visibility to lesbian projects. Up-and-coming musicians and comedians, screenwriters and producers, artists, actresses, and activists began to fill the site with first person accounts, interviews, videos, and commentaries about the work they were all doing as openly gay women.  Organically, without the backing of any larger entity, the site grew and soon coverage included interviews with the most well known gay and gay-allied individuals around plus contributions from numerous talented writers, vloggers, and friends.

Despite any increases in what the site has to offer, however, it still remains the mission of a small team of girls with a common cause.

Through celebrity interviews, artist spotlights, film reviews, TV recaps, news updates, advice offerings, vlogs, and more, CherryGRRL continues its mission of sharing information about exciting endeavors taking place in and around the lesbian community. Perpetually positive, sometimes snarky, always genuine, CherryGRRL serves to bring visibility to gay ladies everywhere and those who support them.

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