WERK IT! An Interview with Lesbian Fitness Expert, Lacey Stone

CG: Do you believe there is a certain time of day that is most conducive to scoring a great workout?

LS: I am a firm believer that – based on working with my clients and training through the years – you gotta knock it out early in the morning.

CG: What exercises should women most focus on, in your opinion?

LS: I cannot stand the idea that women think they can’t lift weights because it makes them look bulky. I think [the focus should be on] weight training – any class or booty camp. The basics have been around forever because they work.  You don’t need a big fancy gym to get a good workout. Just need your body and a stop-watch.

CG: How does one cure saggy-ass?

LS: The key to [remedying] a saggy butt is consistency: lunges, dead lift, squats – anything that involves your legs. It takes time.  You can’t do it once a week and expect change. You gotta do it 2-3 times a week, and cardio 5-6 days a week.  That’s why the group fitness classes are great – they [provide a] sense of community; with friends there, you want to go to class. If something is not fun, you won’t do it consistently.  Or, find a hot lesbian trainer to work out with – get motivated another way. But, consistency is the key.

CG: The treadmill: earlier this week, I saw celeb-trainer Tracy Anderson say it was, essentially (and, in my own words), an ineffective torture device. What do you think about cardio machines, and what’s your ideal cardio workout?

LS: I was a top-level athlete, and athletes run sprint intervals on the treadmill. But, that’s what’s great about all this: there are so many trainers and each one has their own methods.

CG: What are some key resistance exercises (3-ext) for the quads, hamstrings, and glutes – besides squats or split-squats?

LS: Just adding explosiveness to any move works. Add a jump. Add weight. Add load. Stairs are great. Do a boot camp style workout. Or, try spinning.

CG: What does your workout consist of? And, do you workout daily?

LS: I practice what I preach: I work out 6 days a week. For 30-60 minutes, I bust ass doing interval type circuits. If I’m having an off day, I might do a little yoga, to get my Namaste, you know? And, I lift weights 3 times a week for an hour. (continued on next page)

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