VIP Fave Q Movie Pick: Marja-Lewis Ryan

Welcome to VIP Fave Q Movie Pick… where we ask today’s hottest queer and queer-friendly filmmakers, stars and community leaders to answer the question: “One of my favorite LGBT movies is…”

Today’s pick: Marja-Lewis Ryan (writer-star-producer, THE FOUR-FACED LIAR). Be sure to check back soon for more!

(Thanks to our friends at for sharing these great picks with us.)

“Malcolm Ingram’s SMALL TOWN GAY BAR changed me. This documentary was released the same year that I drove along the Bible Belt and moved from NY to LA. I can’t quite express what if felt like to see a film that was so completely reflective of a single moment in my life. I sincerely felt indebted to the filmmaker for allowing me to meet these subjects. I walked away with a tremendous amount of gratitude to the members of the LGBT community who are still fighting everyday to be seen and heard. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own bubble, this movie popped mine.”

Get your hands on Marja-Lewis Ryan’s fresh new American indie comedy, THE FOUR-FACED LIAR (coming to DVD from Wolfe on November 9th) and learn more about the film in CG’s interview with the leading ladies!

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