Video: Lesbian on Lesbian Sketch Comedy

Kate McKinnon is the reason I watch SNL in its post Kristen Wiig world. I think she’s killing it on the show. And this past Saturday night when she played Ellen, was beyond.

But who cares what I thought of it – Ellen herself Tweeted her approval:

And I love when Kate plays anyone. More Kate, please. I’m also thinking we might need to start highlighting our favorite Kate moments from the show each week…


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  1. Avatar of Emily

    Hahah! I love this.

  2. Avatar of La Queshia

    Do you really like SNL? A clip intrigued me so I was very curious of the show. I went on Netflix and 2010 SNL was available, as i started to watch couple giggles were presented, but what really killed it for me was this unbelievably messed up skit equating homosexual marriage with marrying an animal. Yeah I didn’t even finish it, too bad too theres a lot of funny actors on it.

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