Tracy Meets Tasya

We all can admit we have seen at least one episode of The Real L Word and quite possibly agree that Tracy Ryerson (left) is a crowd favorite. The leggy brunette with brains and beauty is featured in one of  Tasya Van Ree’s new art films.  Van Ree, who is known as a celebrity photographer, is potentially our generation’s Annie Leibovitz. The out artist is not only a photographer but a fine artist and filmmaker.

It is her photos that make her work stand out. Mostly in black and white, her pictures evoke a timeless sensitivity. They are extremely sensual yet shy away from female objectifying. Her camera lights up when she shoots her muse, actress Amber Heard (right). Heard is featured in many of her photos and short films. The two have a relationship similar to that of Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol. Many of her short films are reminiscent of Warhol’s famous screen tests, which featured an abundance of celebrities. Van Ree uses the sexy blonde as an icon to portray many different characters, seen in her photos and films such as, Death of Me, a wink at film noir with Heard seducing the camera in black lingerie.

Recently in Van Ree’s The Eloquence of Desire, Tracy Ryerson is wearing lacey lingerie while waltzing around different backdrops. Her films are seductive celebrations of these women and their beauty. Van Ree accompanies each film to music and there is no dialogue, her films could be described as moving photographs. Her art is like visual candy and demonstrates how Van Ree (who is featured left in a different shoot) is not afraid to create art that is simply stunning. In today’s market, it is rare that “beautiful” art is critically acclaimed, with the growing desire to be edgy and cutthroat. Like Leibovitz, Tasya Van Ree wants her art to be unwaveringly gorgeous.

As stated on her website, “her photographs are infused with romanticism, darkness, intimacy, and a certain lyrical quality.” What is amazing about her work is the amount of celebrity she uses but how when one looks at her work, it is her creativity and point of view that is noticed first and the celebrity second. Recently, the artist created a series with Kate Moenning and was able to show us the varying sides of the actress. At last, Moenning had shown us a distinct feminine aspect in the photos shot in her LA home. Tasya Van Ree is a hot lady herself and at times creates self-portraits, but she is not a self-concerned artist and focuses her energy on the beauty of others.

Check out the videos mentioned plus much more on her website:

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