Too Gay Tuesday! (6/14)

Ladies, how does one celebrate Pride while under the dire constraints of house-arrest?

Throw a house-arrest par-tay—just like Lindsay did this weekend, at Casa La Lohan!

What’s vaginal? “That’s vaginal”—the new catchphrase intended to reclaim the power of the clam. There’s a video going viral on the interwebs (and I thank AE’s Bridget McManus for bringing it to my attention) attempting to bring “that’s vaginal” into common parlance.

I could get down with “that’s vaginal,” but methinks I’d actually prefer something like “that’s so VAG!”

(Nod to Vag Magazine!)

Yesterday in California, haters challenged Justice Walker’s Prop 8 ruling in court (Perry v. Brown) because Walker identifies as gay. Kate Kendall gives us the rundown of the hearing in the latest NCLR vid:



Kate’s point is right on—not to mention the implicit argument underlying the haters’ position: that “sexuality” is only had by homos (just like “gender” is only had by females; “race” only had by those of African descent, and so forth).

Ladies, with the latest swinging of Republican votes to our side (“the dark side”), it looks like gay marriage will—probably, most likely—be a reality in New York by the end of June.

And, in probably the most shocking, and most disappointing, bit of news that has hit the lesbo-interwebs: not only is the “Gay Girl in Damascus” actually a dude, but so is Lez Get Real editor “Paula Brooks,” aka straight-white-dude, Bill Graber.  The lovely ladies, who I adore, over at Lez Get Real are handling the situation as best they can, even issuing this statement to their readers (HERE). Correspondingly, all the respective lesbo-sites are addressing the situation, with understandable frustration, rage, and, yes, humor. One of the most pointed responses, over at Autostraddle, noted that having the support (financial especially) of hetero-dudes is awesome but these men also need to “check their motherfucking privilege.”

And, I couldn’t agree more.

While Real L Claire seems to believe there’s a dearth of lesbian websites (and that we all wear birkenstocks), I think now, more than ever before, is the time for us to band together to demonstrate that—yes—queer women support queer women. Healthy competition (for readers, and for dollars) only makes us stronger. And, regardless of this competition, we respect and admire what each of us offers our community.


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