Too Gay Tuesday! (5/31)

Ciao, ragazze!

Due to the holiday, it’s been a slow start to the week, but here are a few items to pique your interest:

Ellen posted a brief commentary at AOL (and available through HuffPost) about Bridesmaids, her co-starring in a sequel, and the frustrating question about the possibility of “funny women” existing on this planet:

“Of course women are funny. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman — funny is funny. When I saw this movie, I looked around the theater and there were men and women all having a good time. There were couples and people dressed up like crazy bridesmaids. There was even a man wearing nothing but kitchen utensils. Looking back, I may have been at a Lady Gaga concert.”

I couldn’t agree more—and, Ellen, “do you like that flap? Yeah….Yeah you do.”

One of our favorite funny ladies, Sandra Bernhard, has reemerged in the tabloids over her recent “Naughty but Nice” interview for revealing that she, too, was hit on by Arnold (in the ‘70s) and for apparently “tak[ing] a shot” at another funny lady, Kathy Griffin:

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Is it “a shot,” or is Sandra simply explaining the relation (as in, “the difference”) between her and Kathy as performers for those people who pay no attention to their specific brands of comedy (and instead only see them as boobs with red hair)?

Hey CherryNrrds, George Lucas announced that he has 50 hours of Star Wars footage, which is approximately 2 seasons worth, for a new show intended to fill the narrative gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Yes, I nearly fell out of my chair, too, Nrrds—but, alas, Lucas is still waiting for the technology to be able to convert this footage into a t.v. show. As in, this footage is just sitting …somewhere….on a shelf.

Le sigh.

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