Too Gay Tuesday!

What’s going on in the wide-world of Too Gay this Tuesday? Well, JD Samson talked to MS. Magazine about gender, queer activism, and her love of Joan Armatrading.  Japan has elected its first homo politician—well done! And, rumor has it that Queerty is coming back from the virtual-dead.

Jay Leno is apparently savvy to it being Too Gay Tuesday, too. Tonight Lindsay Lohan and Jillian Michaels will make guest appearances on the Tonight Show; upon realizing this Lezwich, Miss Michaels twattered, “On Leno tonight following Linds[a]y Lohan. I’m gonna be such a buzz kill after her. Gonna go boost a car & enter rehab 2 fit in b4 we tape.”

Aww Shiiiiizzzzzzz!!!

On a completely different, utterly depressing, note, San Fran’s A Different Light Bookstore will be closing its doors, for good, at the of the month. This is a sad day for queer nRRds and scholars alike. I made it a point to shop at A Different Light every time I visited SF for its comprehensive, and wonderfully eccentric, collection—from queer pulp to continental philosophy. A Different Light had it.

The world will be a little less GAY come May, that’s for sure.

On a happier note, in need of more Tina Fey before she pops out her second baby and retreats into hiding with her leaking breastuses? This past week she did an hour long interview with Google about her awesome-sauceness and her new book, Bossypants:


“Owww…my entire life!”

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