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Founder / Chief Ideator

After spending a number of years developing a background in marketing and trend-forecasting – a.k.a. “cool hunting” – Dana decided to break free from the world of helping large corporations profit from the masses and instead take one of her predictions in a different direction. She saw the creativity, talent, and valuable contributions coming out of the lesbian community and was inspired to launch a new forum where their efforts could be promoted. With the growing success of CherryGRRL Dana is proving that she believes the lesbians are our future.



Eight years of experience as an editor in the publishing industry taught Laura a few things: 1) she really loves to write and edit, 2) she prefers writing and editing subject matter that she is personally interested in, 3) she is personally interested in lesbians, and 4) if you choose the right career path you really don’t ever need to understand more than basic math.


Editor – TV

Danielle is a craigslist junkie, baby screenwriter, and television aficionado. Doesn’t that sound like some kind of rad superhero? Her excellent taste has been honed by growing up on The Golden Girls, Roseanne, and Married…With Children. In lieu of a personal speech when accepting her first Emmy, she plans to perform an interpretive dance. When she’s not quoting Dorothy Zbornak, she’s watching any of her beloved Boston sports teams do what they do best – turn her hair gray.



Contributing Writer

Amber has many stories to tell and is proud to share them with CherryGRRL. Her fiction and non-fiction works have appeared in other online magazines; she is currently working on her memoir and a collection of short stories. Amber also owns and runs a residential cleaning business. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University, where she met her partner. They live in Vermont with their Golden Retriever, the furry editor.


Contributing Writer

Amy is a French and Spanish student, big on LGBT rights, on Surge radio news, and she edits the Wessex Scene’s LGBT Series. You can find everything she’s written on Twitter fans can follow her @AmyAshenden or @WessexSceneLGBT.


Contributing Writer – Activism

C.D. Kirven (Chastity Duran Kirven) was born in Waco and raised in Dallas, TX. She is a Lambda Literary nominated author of the book What Goes Around Comes Back Around and was the Outreach Coordinator for Legacy of Success Foundation – winning Member of the Year in 2008. As Outreach Coordinator she assisted with saving a local food pantry program that serviced 3,000 homeless HIV patients. Kirven was a founding board member of the DFW Pride Movement and was one of the ENDA 4 with the organization Get Equal. Kirven wanted to focus on racism in the LGBT community and created Get Equal Now with activist Michael Robinson. Get Equal Now tackles injustice inside and outside the gay rights movement. A nationally known artist, her artwork appeared at the 2009 Butch Voices Conference in Oakland, CA, and her art was featured in the December 2009 issue of Curve Magazine. Kirven created the first GLBT cell phone documentary about same sex intimate partner abuse called “The Dark Side of the Rainbow,” which was featured at several film festivals around the country and she has an online clothing line at Kirven is also currently editing an online reality show about her life and working on a screenplay, a second book (The Glass Closet), and a documentary. Contact her @ &


Contributing Writer – Literature and Education

High School teacher by day, avid writer by night, Christina hails from a small village in Eastern Alaska. Being raised on the East Coast, where the LGBT community is thriving, taught her to embrace the uniqueness in herself and in others, which she strives to do every day in her classroom. In what little spare time she has, Christina, a self-described “nerd,” often can be found with her nose in a book (or three) or walking along the shore of the Bering Sea, her camera in hand, admiring the various animals that surround her.


Contributing Writer – Art

Cirrus Riley Kain was created as part of a top-secret government experiment, known only as Project Genderblender. Efforts to genetically engineer an army of butch super-soldiers went horribly awry, however, when four years ago subject escaped the tubes and fled to Los Angeles. The Department of Defense chose not pursue her, as she was kind of lazy, and enjoyed video games a whole lot more than they would have liked for a super-soldier. She now haunts LA County, injecting Starbucks into her veins and devouring art.


Contributing Writer

Emily has tried it all, from ballet to horse-back riding, but only one hobby has stuck with her. Writing. More specifically writing about something that has to do with lesbians. She grew up on Long Island and now lives in the UWS in New York City. Among majoring in Advertising/Public Relations while minoring in Journalism and Creative Writing, she truly embraces the lesbian culture as well as LGBT advocacy in general. She has this purple highlighted bleached blonde hair that may give you the impression that she’s just another lipstick lesbian, but she already prestiged twice in Call of Duty: Black Ops. She (impressively) won over the girl of her dreams over three years ago most likely because of her seductive text messages and forcing her to hang out after Emily forgot her birthday. Her future might entail writing a best seller, revamping your favorite magazine, taste-testing deserts or simply becoming a house-wife to her millionaire wife with children and puppies. Or maybe everything at once?

Emily SL

Contributing Writer

Emily is an after school teacher, comedian, and activist living in Queens, NY. She loves identity-fueled comedy, period jokes, and she accidentally marched with Dan Savage in the 2011 Pride Parade. Her tweets can be found @ESchorrLesnick.


Contributing Writer

Potty-mouthed beanpole with a penchant for good eats, libations, creative outlets, gallivanting and all things gay.  Will answer most questions with “your face” or “your mom.”


Contributing Writer

Kelly Morris is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and currently looking to put her Journalism degree to use. Between watching reality TV shows and practicing the art of vegetarianism, Kelly likes to obsess over Dave Matthews, drink Starbucks & apply for jobs. More of her work can be seen at


Contributing Writer

Kristina is the Founder & CEO of Villarini Maclean, Creativity Enforcer at and a contributor to,,, and of course, Tweet her @y2kristinaholic.



Morgan loves street and experimental art…and of course, GIRLS. Morgan grew up with a hand-me-down camera, shooting friends for fun -never with any purpose – until Dinah Shore Weekend changed all that. In an effort to win free tickets to the event, Morgan offered up her services of shooting a promo reel in exchange for passes. The Dinah Founder, Mariah Hanson, responded and took Morgan under her wing – where her unique personality and sense of humor brought her deep into the girl world. Now Morgan has joined up with CG to further spread her passion for footage. She considers herself “the lighter side of lesbianism” and is on a mission to share, promote, and celebrate the lesbian world through laughter and sex.

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