The New York City Dyke March

The New York City Dyke March took place Saturday, June 26th, as hundreds upon hundreds of dykes marched–very, very slowly–down 5th Avenue, from Bryant Park to Washington Square Park.

This year was the first year that I marched in New York, and I was delighted at the turnout, even with the humidity making the outdoors somewhat unbearable.

A few observations:

1. The NY Dyke March isn’t led by a Dykes on Bikes contingent, as it is, say, in San Francisco (sad face).

2. The March is less of a march and more of a crawl, as in, one step was really 1/2 a step, with people stepping all over each other. It took 2.5 hours to “march” from Bryant Park to Washington Square Park—don’t get me wrong, there’s no point in rushing. The march is a performance in this regard. That said, this is New York, so, c’mon lesbos, get a freakin’ move on!

3. There were 3 Christian-mongers following the Dyke March down 5th Ave. One bowed out quickly, after a few dykes gathered around him to take a picture; the other two impressively followed us all the way down 5th Avenue–such dedication from these Christians!

3.5 Of course, as with hate-baiters comes the endless back and forth exchange between them and the prideful dykes. I find it all really mindless: listen, Christians, in your happy universe, you can send me wherever you want–it’s really fine. I don’t feel the need to engage with you about where your god will send me, because, I don’t want to go to your god party. I’m going to my gay party.

4. The Twat Team who guided us down 5th Ave was awesome. And hot.

5. The best part of the March was at its close, when a handful of randy, nude dykes jumped into the fountain at Washington Square Park, consequently frightening the group of children who were splashing around beforehand. Needless to say, the children, and their families fled the park. Scary dykes 1, ignorant heteros 0.

My motto: BE or Breed!

Featured here are some pics that I took with my uber-professional pocket-sized Nikon camera.  Enjoy!

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