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Interview: Lauren Bedford Russell Reflects on Real L Word Love + Life

I have had the privilege of interviewing many “celebians” over the course my writing for CherryGRRL, but I must say, Lauren Bedford Russell is by far the coolest and most down to earth so…


Recap-lite: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 7 – Dream Come True

Danielle – our resident (and best anywhere, EVER) Real L Word recapper – is out this week, so I am stepping in to cover the most recent edition of the lesbian reality TV…


Recap: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 6 – Lost in a Bush

The theme song to this show is starting to give me an adverse physical reaction. You know how some people smell pickles and are transported to getting a tray of them dumped on…


Interview: Kiyomi McCloskey Punk Rocks The Real L Word

Kiyomi McCloskey is the passionate lead guitarist/vocalist for the lesbian punk-rock quartet Hunter Valentine. She is also (in case you’ve been living in a cave outside of lesbianville) one of the newest cast…

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Book Shedonism + Enter to Win a Lunch Date With Whitney and Sara

The weekend long celebration of SIN that we now know as Shedonism will be back in Vegas from September 6-10, 2012. Whitney and Sara from The Real L Word will be there and…


Lez Review: August 6 – 13

A synopsis of the past week’s news… Where if we learn nothing else, I do hope at least the definition of “celesbian” is now clear. Real L Word dig. Because there is a…


Recap: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 5 – I Wasn’t Expecting This

You know what I wasn’t expecting? How much I love Whitney & Sara this season, and in this episode especially. Crazy what a couple of years and an annoying new cast will do…


Recap: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 4 – Scissor Sisters

This recap is late because there were a number of moments where I was so overcome with secondhand embarrassment and/or incredulity that I had to pause it and go do something else (play…


Recap: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 3 – Love Lost

Man, what a terribly depressing episode this was. Although I was seriously cringing through every single Kacy/Cori scene, at least there were emotional developments in the other circles that weren’t just sitting around…


Recap: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 2 – Leap of Faith

Are we really only on episode 2? I feel like I’ve watched a lifetime’s worth of this crap already. We begin with Whitney telling her sister she’s been having odd dreams about whales…

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