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Taking out the Trash… and Cuckolding? – Ep. 6.06 “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” Recap

We were last left with Sarah and Alex working out their inner demons and sharing an intimate dream. Seeing how they stopped themselves from taking another stop down a totally self-destructive path felt…

Stink Eyes Alex

Bitter Besties: Episode 6.04 Recap – “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”

Before I begin, I would like to address the idea of the Ex-BFF (ex-best friend forever).  Yea, I sound like a 13 year old on an iPhone. But the “ex best friend” theme…

Alex by mural

Robo-Coping with Romance – Ep. 6.03 Recap “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”

The holidays have come and gone… and they’re about to come again, so I’m here like a boss, like a Santa Boss, to make sure you’re up to date with the latest in…


Music for the Jilted Generation – Ep. 6.02 Recap “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”

  Band practice has begun! But… the band’s not really practicing. The OJBG gang is surrounded by instruments,  hanging on the telephone.  But, band conductor Sarah is AWOL.  She’s not picking up the…

Chloe's Morning Call

The Stink-Eye & Back Alley Shame – Ep. 6.01 Recap “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”

With Season 6 slowly closing in on us, I (hi, I’m Otessa; it’ s nice to meet you) will be filling in all you CherryGRRLs on what’s progressed so far with Sarah and…

Recap: Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, Episodes 4.10 and 4.11

There have been so many teasers to season five that I almost forgot season four wasn’t over. But quite a few loose ends need to be tied up.  We still don’t know how…

Recap: OJBG Season 4, Ep. 9

You really surprised me this week, OJIBG. Here I thought we’d see some more action on the Alex and Davis frontier or perhaps share a few more heartwarming moments with the Mitchell men….

Recap: OJBG Season 4, Ep. 8

I got caught up in the happiness and bliss of last week’s episode of Bishop’s Garden. But can you really blame me? Remi was reunited with her friends, Alex finally chose Davis, and…

Recap: OJBG Season 4, Episode 7

Summer is in the air in this week’s episode of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden – and so is forgiveness. Some long-awaited apologies are made, tears are shed, and it appears that everything…

Recap: OJBG Season 4, Episode 6

I learn something new about my girlfriend every day. Like the fact that she prefers vanilla over chocolate Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches – unless the vanilla ones are gone, and then she…

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