Tag Team Recap: Rizzoli & Isles, Season 3, Episode 10 – Melt My Heart To Stone

Emily: It’s the season finale and it kind of sprung up on me. I was reminded when my girlfriend went into the DVR list and pointed out that I needed to start writing. This was quite the shocker since she doesn’t know the difference between who Jane and Maura are. She decided that since she’s read all of the recaps she might as well watch the last episode.

We start out with a killer covering its most recent victim with plaster to create a replica of the Venus de Milo. If that isn’t creepy enough, he places this plastered desiccating body into a fountain where children make wishes and throw pennies in. After one kid makes a wish, instead of the girl he’s crushing on becoming his girlfriend, he opens his eyes to see the statue bleeding.

Danielle: How the hell would a still-cold, likely rigor-mortised body bleed enough to drip through plaster? They could have just had the kids knock over the statue during kick ball or something, no?

Emily: Before they’re brought to the scene, Jane, Frost, Maura and Korsak are waiting to see if Frankie finally got his promotion. When Frankie walks out of boss’ office in a suit with a reassuring look on his face it’s announced that Detective Riley Cooper is brought into the homicide unit. You’ll remember Detective Riley Cooper as the ecstasy dealer from a couple of episodes back – turns out she was working undercover for the drug unit. That’s just annoying and I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so. Everyone is either ignoring her or giving her paperwork to look over.

Danielle: I’m not sure I’d classify dating two cops while working undercover as good police work, so yeah, this promotion drama is annoying.

Emily: They get to the scene and Maura smells out the decomposition before the four guys moving it get to drop it and crack open the face of the statue to reveal the body. I’m wondering how one person could even get this thing onto a fountain by his/herself. Turns out I’ll never get the answer to that though. Maura touches the dead woman’s face to feel that she’s cold and was most likely stored away for a few weeks or months in a fridge.

Danielle: I’m really glad I have no idea what decomposition smells like.

Emily: Maura’s old flame Dennis Rockmond is back. He brought his new book with him and he wants Maura to go to his book signing. I have the same reaction to him as Jane does. Gross. In the autopsy room, Maura complains about how he’s never texted/called/e-mailed since he disappeared three months ago. Jane can’t help but make fun of his book title about releasing one’s “inner winner.” Maura says she’ll release her inner bitch instead. Jane confirms her dislike for Dennis by reminding her he is way too metro for Maura and to just let him go.

Danielle: Things I love about this scene: Jane’s Rockmond/Flintstone impression, Jane’s jealousy, Jane’s swagger.

Emily: The victim has a Cruella DeVille stripe in her hair to make her distinct from other hookers, but has no hands (how else was he planning on recreating Venus de Milo) and apparently hasn’t been to the dentist in years. Identifying her is hopeless as of right now. Frost comes in to say there are four other murders similar to this except they weren’t frozen for months and don’t have deep cuts in their faces. It all comes through to Jane and she notes this must be the work of a serial killer. She deduces this particular victim meant something to the killer. Maura adds that most serial killers are men, usually angry with their mothers. This becomes even more obvious when Frost makes it known that the four other victims were also left in places where children are most likely to run into them.

Jane approaches Riley and asks her to go identify Cruella DeVille on the streets while Frost watches her. He complains about how its his job so Jane sends him to go with Riley and to tells him to bring along Frankie. I guess she wants to shove it in Frankie’s face that Riley made detective and he didn’t. No, ok not really but what the hell Jane, that’s messed up.

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