Show Coverage-ish: The Gossip in LA

So what do you get when you send your über creative little wild child vlogger out to write a concert review of a band she really likes? Well, you get great photos (of course) and some random notes about what she took in. And since life is hard and pictures are more fun than words, we present a very Morgan Hildebrand take on The Gossip’s 10/12/12 show at The Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

Hey Morgan, what was the venue like?

It was in the center of Hollywood. A sold out show. There was a turf-covered rooftop outside area with a projector showing the stage in real time.  Good sound. Powerful light laser visuals and strobes. $$$$ drinks.

Ah. Describe the audience…

Lots of Emos. Black, black, black clothing EVERYwhere – with bright neon shoes.

It was an older crowd than I expected. Same ratio: boys/girls. Heavy make up on girls. Lots of Beth Ditto look-a-likes. GAYS. It was a social group of people. FtM representation. Crowd loved their Ditto. Overall, happy crowd.

Sounds fun! And how was the show itself?

Powerful. Beth Ditto is MUCH smaller than I was expecting. She took over the entire stage while her band stayed back (and quiet). They performed most major hits, 1 cover, and some new songs. Funky dance music. Beth talks a lot to the crowd – points out family.

Did you enjoy yourself?

I was STOKED. Took pictures in the pit and got on top of a speaker. A gay boy kept trying to kiss me. I really liked the crowd. Had one $24 drink but stayed til the end. And I got a few hair compliments. HA.

Good job, Morgan. xoxo

More photos and, of course, video coverage HERE:



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