Recap: Thintervention with Jackie Warner, Episode 4

Before the weigh-in, Dr. Ramani concludes the therapy session by saying that habits aren’t passive, they’re actions (I’m guessing she means “active actions”). While I understand the lesson she’s trying to impart to the clients, I must disagree: a habitual action is habitual because it makes life efficient, and all life tends toward conserving (in a positive and not traditional sense) energy. So, my dear doctor, habits are indeed passive in the sense that the body’s expense of energy is conserved, rendering her more passive than, say, during an act that hasn’t yet become habitual.

This spake the great Marcie (via the philosophy of Henri Bergson).

Weigh-in, chubbies!

Jeana = loses 2 lbs

Bryan = loses 3 lbs

Nikki = loses 2 lbs

Shay = loses 1 lb and starts crying

Mandy = loses 3 lbs

Joe = loses NIEN!

Stacy = loses NIENTE!

Jackie is so effin’ pissed, I love it. She says that everyone should be losing 5 lb/wk if they are – as they claim to be – sticking to their diets. Clearly they aren’t, she laments, so, clearly, they’re “done for now.”

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