Recap: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 9 – Perfect Day

Sara’s dress arrives, and there’s momentary worry that it won’t fit, but it goes on without issue and everyone is relieved. Every time I watch a wedding show, I wonder why people always wait until the night before to get their dress back and try it on? I mean, I literally know nothing about weddings except that open bar is a must, but surely there’s way to get it earlier? Can’t you lie to the tailor and say your wedding is a couple of days earlier than it is? Oh well, no one else seems to care as much as me, because we’re already moving on to Sara and Whitney doing a little personal stress relief.

Next day, Whitney and Sara head to the wedding locale, confessing that they’re nervous as hell but excited to finally see it through. Sara is upset that her mother hasn’t arrived yet with t-minus 2 hours to go, observing that at her sister’s wedding everyone was on time and fussing over the bride by now. The reason for the difference is clear to her and to us:

Sara’s mom: “I’m very happy for Sara. But at the same time, I’m sad too. I really like my daughter to have a wedding, but with a man. I’m sorry to say that, but this is the truth. I love Whitney, I wish Whitney is a guy Sara can marry.”

Aww. Heartbreaking, but also totally compelling because it’s real emotion. Again, moments like these make me realize what a huge, wasted opportunity this show has been.

As we get closer to go time, TRLW cast members trickle in along with family and friends. Finally, they get the show on the road and Whitney is escorted down the aisle by her mother, Sara by her parents. Everyone looks happy, and it’s a really cute ceremony. Sara and Whitney are excited and hopeful, reminding us that if they can get through Dinah, Romi, and creamed corn wrestling, they can get through anything.

Kacy and Cori admit the last year has difficult for them, but they’ve become stronger for it and are committed to being there for each other – forever. Aww. They’re adorable, really. Here’s hoping they get to live out their dreams together.

Newly married Romi wishes Sara and Whitney all the best. I’m sure they were waiting for that particular congratulations, but who knows, maybe they’ll all be able to have a laugh over a cappuccino some day. I just hope it’s not on television.

Kiyomi thinks she and Lauren have a big future, and considering how riveting they are onscreen (not), I hope that’s also not on television.

As we close, Whitney breaks it down with uncharacteristic tears and emotion:

“Our relationship has been so much work. This wedding has been so much work. And I think this is the first time that I can just breathe, and just see her. She looks perfect.”

Thank you, Whitney and Sara, for being the saviors of this season and of my sanity as a recapper. I couldn’t have done it without you. And I’m out.

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