Recap: The Good Wife, Season 2, Episode 3: Breaking Fast

I have a confession… snipers scare the grilled cheesus out of me.  Every time a show I love does a “crazy ass sniper who kills random people” story, I spend the next several days staring at the roof / windows of all large buildings around me.   Since that is the goal of this type of show, it’s a common storyline.  And this week The Good Wife took its turn.  Season two, episode three, with an extra dose of Kalinda!

Security camera footage freaks me out.  So does Blake’s creepy voice over.  He also has sneaky ways of getting evidence from the cops, like his non-dupe copies of three sniper murders.  That pretty boy face makes me think it’s dirty.  Dupe is an annoying word, BTW.  Blake tries to grill Alicia for info on the sisterhood of the traveling motorcycle boots, and Alicia tells him to work out themselves.

Bond is fake interrogating a dude.  The law firm and Mr. Stevens are suing the police station after they fingered his dad for the murders.  He had a heart attack because of all the stress he went through at the trial.  Malicious prosecution.  Alicia is the negotiator.  She is going to talk to Mr. Stevens to try to get him to settle.

Then we meet this totally awesome teacher guy, and find out he’s Alicia’s gay brother, Owen [Dallas Roberts] (whom you’ll recognize as The L Word’s “Angus” – ironically the token straight character on a gay show now playing the token gay character on a straight show).  Then he gets trackered making a joke that Peter’s homophobic.  Speaking of early stress induced heart attacks, Eli about chokes to death.  He immediately grills Peter about his homo feelings, and sets out to fix the problem before there is a problem. Peter thinks Owen’s a riot.  I agree.  Unless he is CBS’s idea of a new gay character to appease GLAAD and we only see him for one episode.  Then, not funny.

Mr. Childs and Mr. Bond meet about Mr. Steven’s case, and Childs calls Alicia out.  He’s not discussing it until Alicia leaves the campaign. Meanwhile Eli grills Alicia about Owen’s joke.  Then Will kicks her off the case.  She needs a latte.

Alicia has a hard time letting that Colorado scandal go, as she watches clips about it.  Mr. Childs’ attorney starts the deposition.  She is a sneaky character.  And she’s crazy hot. Eli meets with some guy named Spencer, who is apparently the key to all gay money in Chicago.  Turns out Spencer’s fine on Peter’s imagined homophobia.  It’s his imagined antisemitism he doesn’t like.  A photo of Peter with a book proves his pro-Palestinian point.  Eli convinces him to come to a gay jewish dinner at the Florrick’s.

Kalinda found pictures of Blake and Will playing ball in college.  Hello prior connection. Kalinda is trailing him with a probable hooker, when a fuzzy call comes across the police scanner saying the sniper has struck again.  Obviously, not Mr. Stevens’ zombie dad.  Kalinda has no fear and jumps into the heat of it.  This time, the cops catch the actual sniper, but of course they blow it off as a copycat.  Everyone at the firm says they should double their ask.

Owen shows up to the apartment in leather, bearing gay porn and wine.  I have three brothers, none of them ever bring me guy-on-guy acion.  Alicia and Owen catch up.  Mom’s getting divorced again, Alicia has a flat stare, Owen’s a jerk.  Then, the heavy stuff.  Owen says Peter is two-faced and asks if she plans to leave him. We learn Alicia had a hard time with her parents’ divorce, and that’s probably why she hasn’t left Peter yet.

Big dramatic meeting at the law firm about proving the copycat isn’t a copycat.  Blake’s going to figure out the pattern, Kalinda’s going to watch the new trial with her hawk eyes.  Blake’s still an ass, so Kalinda tells him to glove up.  She doesn’t want to ride in his stupid elevator.  Non-copycat copycat is denied bail.  Oh and Kalinda figures out that the key investigator who fingered Stevens for the sniper murders is a drug addict.   Whoops.  Meanwhile, Blake and Alicia try to find a pattern.  Instead they find the sniper isn’t such a great shot after all.  He was aiming for a girl, but hit a dude.  Hasn’t that happened to the best of us? (continued on next page)

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