Recap: Rizzoli & Isles, Season 3, Episode 15 – No More Drama in My Life

Emily: The title of this episode is pretty deceiving considering the opening scene is set onstage. A pretty, tall blonde comes into the house for dinner and lets her boyfriend know his hair looks nice and that she had lunch with his mistress today. She takes a gun, shoots him, and the scene ends. They’re told to do it again but the actor is really dead. It should be interesting to see how it wasn’t the actress’ fault.

Danielle: I feel like I watched this exact scene on 1000 Ways to Die.

Emily: Maura and Jane are called to the scene after discussing Casey’s dangerous spine surgery to remove the shrapnel. When they get there they find more than one entry wound on Ryan the actor’s body. They figure the gun wasn’t cleaned properly but Maura can’t say anything until she examines Ryan further. Jennifer, the co-star, is at the hospital admitted for shock.

Back in the lab, Jane is looking up Casey’s driver license and abusing her power via Maura’s computer, while Maura slices a heart in half with a butcher’s knife. Maura orders Jane to come over to take a look at the inside of the heart. The ammunition was actually small steel balls. Since the actor also worked as the prop guy, Jane thinks he may have committed suicide.

Korsak, on the other hand, isn’t so sure. He’s thinking someone tampered with the gun. Unfortunately, that could be anyone since Ryan brought the prop tool box to every acting location. Ryan also happened to be Jennifer’s boyfriend off the set as well. Frost went looking through his recent texts and found out Jennifer broke up with him.

Danielle: Semi-related, but does anyone else live in fear of the day your text messages are summoned for some reason or another? I mean I hope it’s not because I’m dead, but what if I decide to run for public office? I cringe at the idea of my opponent getting their hands on some of my drunken texts. Sorry in advance, Mom. And this episode is fairly boring thus far. Casey, casey, blah blah.

Emily: Jane and Korsak meet with Jennifer only to find out she and Ryan got engaged the night before she shot him. She broke a few of her fingers from a fall earlier in the week too so she couldn’t have loaded the gun with steel balls. Jennifer says she broke up with Ryan because he was quite the complainer. He complained about work and how he wanted to quit, but that he needed to finish something first. That statement piques the detectives’ interest.

Hope, Maura’s biological mom, is back in the picture wanting Maura’s kidney for what she thought was her only daughter. She confides in Angela about how shocked she felt about Maura being her daughter also. Angela lets her know that she gets why she needs to save her youngest daughter since she’d do anything for all of her children as well.

Danielle: Maybe Angela can give Hope tips for coping with finding out your daughter has a hot girlfriend.

Emily: Jane thinks it’s a good idea if Maura just calls Hope and asks her set up an appointment to see her, even though she’s right in the café. Maura takes Jane’s advice, but when she leaves the lab, Hope is waiting for her. Maura takes her into her office and touches on the fact that she had a dream when she was young that when she met her real mother she’d be everything that Hope is but would actually want her. It was touching and even though Hope does seem distraught it seems its really only because she’s stressing about Kaylin’s kidney. Maura lets her know she has no right to ask her for it and demands that she leave.

Danielle: Sasha Alexander is good. Especially when they give her something to bite down on. Hope is an odd character, I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but she doesn’t strike me as fully fleshed out and real. Maura telling her off was worth the price of admission on this scene, though.

Emily: Frost, Jane and Korsak discuss the case and realize Ryan worked as a handy man for a billionaire and that there’s a good chance that the concrete Ryan had in his toolbox was proof that the buildings the guy created might be made poorly. Frost is going to head over to the buildings Ryan worked at to see if he can figure anything out.

Danielle: Uh, what? Yet another miraculous leap of conjecture by the intrepid BPD.

Emily: Jane goes down to see Maura and finds her laying on one of the autopsy tables with a colorful pillow over her face. Jane sweetly takes the pillow so Maura’s lip gloss doesn’t ruin it and props it under her head. Maura is shocked that she let out her anger on Hope so freely. While all of this is happening, Maura’s shoes ruin everything. She’s wearing the cloggiest clogs ever seen. Please, pan down or stand up.

Jane goes to Casey to make him stop contemplating the surgery that could either kill or permanently make him a paraplegic. Casey explains that he can deal with his catheters and crutches but he can’t deal with not giving Jane children. Really? You guys are more on and off than the light in a refrigerator with a family with 8 children. When was marriage really in the picture?

Danielle: I confess I laughed when Casey said he couldn’t handle not being able to “make love” to Jane. LOL. Come on, are they serious with this? Even if we ignore the glaring, obvious, ridiculous fact that Jane is mega gay, these two have the chemistry of a flat Diet Coke.

Emily: Frost is taking pictures of the leaky ceiling in the garage when the billionaire who owns the place starts yelling at him that his attorney will be here ASAP. Amidst the yelling, Tommy gets out of the car and leaves T.J. in there to figure out what all the yelling is about. The entire building starts coming down and before Tommy can turn around to get back to the car for T.J. a huge block falls directly onto Frost’s car where T.J. is inside. Everyone is buried under rubble.

Jane gets the call from Frankie and tells Casey she can’t wait for him when he says, “I’ll go with you.” Yes, meaning she doesn’t want to waste time while he crutches his way to her car. Well, damn girl. Aren’t you a little harsh? As much as I don’t like this whole Jane loves Casey deal nobody deserves to be talked to like that.

Danielle: It wasn’t even set up properly. I mean she was alarmed, but not frantic. That kind of thing would only come out after more frustration and impatience. The writers’ hands were strong on that one. And yeah, rude (although he does move as slow as molasses, and I realize I’m a bastard).

Emily: Jane gets to the scene and the firefighters specifically tell her nobody can go into the garages. The whole building is unstable and numerous people are already being pulled out with broken bones. Jane sees Maura and frantically explains that Tommy, T.J. and Frost might be down there. Maura explains the test results came back from the concrete, it’s recycled, meaning it isn’t as durable as the real stuff.

Back underground, Tommy moves the concrete block off his head that somehow didn’t kill him. T.J. starts to cry, thank goodness, and Tommy tells him that everything is going to be ok. He’s holding his head and yells for Frost whose arm is stuck under an immovable block of concrete.

There are a lot of bodies being zipped up in body bags and Maura is doing all she can to save those who have injuries. After she orders an EMT to get a patient into a police vehicle, Hope shows up and asks what she can do.

Jane has proof that Frost, T.J., and Tommy are inside the garage, but this isn’t enough to persuade the firefighter in charge to begin their rescue, as the building is unsafe. As the firefighter walks away more of the building begins to collapse. Maura comes up and tells her that the steel bullets found in the gun were apart of laptops sent out to all of the city council. There was a couple they met in the beginning who were watching the scene that Jennifer and Ryan played together. The husband was a councilman. Jane goes up to them both who actually supplied the concrete for the billionaire and demand to know why they did it. The wife breaks and explains everything to Jane, Maura and Frankie who promptly arrests them both for the murder of the actor Ryan.

Danielle: Again, what? Why did they make bullets out of…old laptop hard drives? And why didn’t they – you know what, nevermind. I’d rather just pretend Jane and Maura are going to shower all that concrete dust off together after this is all over.

Emily: Korsak gets in touch with Jane to let her know there’s a tunnel below the garage that Frost, Tommy, and T.J. are in. Maura and Jane go into the tunnel without the firefighter knowing. When they’re walking through the building creaks and more of the ceiling falls. Jane wants to go back but Maura decides to be the fearless one and refuses to turn back around.

Frost and Tommy are talking about how putting Maura and Lydia together would make the perfect woman and then more concrete falls on them.

Jane and Maura can’t go any further since the tunnel is blocked but Maura is holding some type of radar gun that’s picking up heat signals. They get the firefighters down there and they cut a huge hole into where the bodies would be. The first to come down is T.J. and he seems to be ok, crying away. The building starts to creak again so Maura forces Jane to take the baby outside.

Frost comes out first with his arm already in a sling and then Tommy comes out in a stretcher with a serious head injury. As Tommy is being loaded up into the ambulance Hope stands next to Maura and watches with her. Maura turns to her and tells her she’ll give Kaylin her kidney but that she never wants her to find out. Hope asks permission to hug her and then says she’ll never be able to thank her enough.

Danielle: A blank check would be a good start. I kid, I kid.

Emily: Casey is standing in the background and Jane feels his eyes on her so she turns around. She apologizes for what she said to him as she was leaving. He seems to be ok with it but then he leaves her to be with her family anyway. So what was the point of going down there?

Danielle: Seriously, a waste of a cab ride. And knowing Boston cabs as well as I do, good luck getting another one in under an hour.

Emily: The season finale ends with Jane and Maura comforting each other. This was probably one of the least lesbian-esque episodes I’ve seen so far. I guess there just wasn’t really time for it. Damn story lines.

Danielle: ZZzzzzzz.

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