Recap: Pretty Little Liars – Halloween Episode – This is a Dark Ride

Have you ever heard “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” before? It’s a song from the 30s. I never really thought about how creepy this song really was (about teddy bears having a picnic in the woods) until Mona opens the episode singing it and painting a papier-mâché head with red paint that somehow drips onto her moccasin.

Afterwards, she’s talking to herself about how she just loooves Halloween and how the holiday is even better than Christmas when she turns around and there’s a hooded figure sitting behind her. She isn’t weirded out by a dark hooded figure, you know, since she’s been that hooded figure before. She’s a fearless teen, and as the hooded figure opens his gloved palm towards her she places a round of shiny new bullets into it. She (figuratively and literally?) bets anyone’s life that this will be the best Halloween ever.

We’re brought to our favorites arguing about keeping their costumes for their night a secret from each other and Hanna is worried that she and Spencer will wear the same thing. I’m confused though because it looks like at least two of them are already wearing costumes? Not naming any names.

Love how they changed the intro to black and gory. Very creative and definitely set the mood if it wasn’t already set.

Spencer walks into her house and Garret is setting up flowers for her mom. Right before he’s about to say something important to Spencer, Toby walks in and doesn’t even hesitate to kick Garret out. Even though Toby is all “alpha-male” right now and looking like he wants to eat Spencer like she’s little red riding hood, can we really trust him after the last scene of the season finale?

Hanna and Caleb are making out in a dental office storage room (did Shonda Rhimes sit in on this one?) and Hanna is turned on by the bullet-hole scar in his side. Do we even know how he got shot yet?

Ezra comes home and tells Aria he can’t go to the ghost train tonight. She’s more upset he won’t be seeing her outfit than anything else, but he says he’ll make it up to her. He’s even thinking of starting right now but then early trick-or-treaters knock on his door. While Aria is giving them candy Ezra looks suspicious. Hell, everyone looks suspicious.

The Outfits

Hanna is Marilyn Monroe, Aria is a flapper or DaisyBuchanan from the Great Gatsby. Pause -  the look on Aria’s face when she sees Hanna! I actually had the same reaction. She looks straight at her chest, no questions asked. Like damn, where did those come from? Nole looks like a drummer boy and Jenna is a pirate, which is a sick joke since Jenna is wearing an eye patch. Spencer is… a 50s actress? She actually looks really pretty. Toby is matching in a suit.

Emily gets her own paragraph because she’s steaming in her Barbarella costume.

Paige knows it too. Her outfit is fitting and complementary to Emily’s. They win for the best Halloween costumes this year. They’d also win the best couple costume award and probably the best eye-candy award if that were one. Maybe even hottest lesbian award on ABC Family but I guess that would be going a little far.

Nobody else’s costume really matters, yet. Except maybe the creepy baby-faced costume we saw last year. It must be PA’s version of the Scream costume because there’s no way the girls wouldn’t freak out unless it was just that popular of a costume.

The first hash tag of the Halloween episode: #ATrain. Their hash tags never trend but that’s okay because it’s a nice decoration in the corner of the screen. Wow! That was a surprise, Adam Lambert. There are actually no words to describe how unnecessary this scene is.

Mona’s depressed since she’s locked up in a psyche ward and needs to wait for her ride to pick her up. That papier-mâché doll she was creating is now the dummy that will fool the psyche nurses into believing she’s still sleeping.

This scene does not need to keep happening but it does. Let’s just talk about how awesome this train is. It’s stirring up some jealousy actually. Where can one find a ghost train?

Caleb finds Hanna and they share a moment outside of the moving train when she takes off his mask. Aria is drinking and then Adam Lambert comes up to her and hits on her. At least he tries to? This is really odd. At least someone is attempting to be nice to her. This is a short-lived since a masked joker-type person comes up and drugs her drink while she’s gazing elsewhere.

Emily and Paige are in one of those cars where they have private rooms. Even though their kisses in this scene are weak since any normal lesbian would be ripping Emily’s costume off by now, it is sweet. Emily talks about how she wishes they could stay on board and just run away from it all. It’s pretty impressive that it took them this long to start talking about a real future together. When Paige takes off her hat so nothing can get in their smoochin’ way, she tells Emily how she can’t believe they’re still together. Then they kiss again. There’s a hooded shadow on the wall that they don’t notice since Paige is really trying to get it in.

It’s hard to tell if Spencer was humming “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” or if that was the baby-headed costume that just stole her away! Wow, PLL you’re perfecting the surprise attacks. Bravo.

Under the costume was Garrett. He pulled Spencer away to tell her everything he knew. These little insights really do keep you watching. That’s all we need. Little bits and pieces:

Garrett tells Spencer he was with Jenna in Alison’s backyard the night that Alison died.  Then Alison pretty much told Jenna what would happen to her if she tried to come near her. They get into a tiff and Alison pushed Jenna to the ground, where Jenna grabbed a hockey stick and gave it to Garrett to kill Alison. He hit a tree twice and claimed that Alison was dead since Alison wanted him to. Garrett goes back later on to talk to her and she’s still outside by the same tree and now talking with Aria’s father. Alison said that he knew “what she was capable of” and then Garrett is heard in the trees so the conversation ends there. Spencer is shocked and wants Garrett to tell all of this to Aria’s face.

We all know Garrett won’t be there when she returns. Or that they won’t find Aria since she was drugged and now duct taped somewhere we don’t know. The three girls get together to try and figure out where Aria could be if she wasn’t thrown off the train already. Aria is in a crate in what seems to be a storage room. Hanna goes to tell Caleb all this is happening, but when she finds him, it’s not Caleb. When she lifts his mask, there’s another mask under it. This is just too much! Lift that one too Hanna! Unfortunately for us, she just lets the person run away.

I forgot to mention Pastor Ted and Ashley Marin (Hanna’s mom) have a little setup for trick or treaters. They’re nurse and doctor and call all the trick or treaters patients. Their Halloween spirit is sweet. The spirit gets slightly broken when a strange little blonde girl in a white dress shows up in the Marin house and asks to call her mother. Later on, Ashley goes upstairs to find the little girl standing in the middle of Hanna’s bedroom. She goes to comfort her and when she touches her hand she’s ice-cold. If this little girl is a ghost then PLL just took it to a whole new level. Ashley goes downstairs to get Ted and then the little girl is gone. Ghost, for sure.

Spencer is looking through the train cars for Aria when the joker figure comes out and tries to throw her off the train. Spencer isn’t taking it though and throws them to the floor and attempts to run to a different car. The joker runs after her and slams her into the wall, trying to choke her out. Spencer falls to the floor and the joker begins choking her again only to be thrown off by Paige (who’s a BOSS) and the joker gets up, defends him/herself and then runs off. Paige is like what was that? Then finds a fake red fingernail from the joker’s costume on Spencer.

Aria is still in this crate that she just tipped over and finally got the tape off her mouth. She’s having a slight panic attack when she looks next to her and sees Garrett. Dead. Aria finds a nail on top of the box and starts taking off the tape that’s bounding her hands together. In the midst of Garrett’s dead body facing her and her sawing off this tape someone picks up the crate she’s in and carries her somewhere unknown. The noises she’s making are most definitely giving her away.

Someone’s trying to push the crate out of the train but Aria frees her hands and finds a screwdriver that she stabs the person on the outside with. Spencer, Emily, and Hanna finally find her just in time when the crate is halfway outside and about to fall out. They save her and discover she was lying next to Garrett’s body.

The cops are on the ghost train now. Ezra runs onto the train saying he was going to surprise Aria but when the train never got to the #endoftheline he followed the tracks until he found the train. Toby and Nole get into a fight since he starts laying down the word bitches like its nbd. Toby pushes Nole into the ice and drinks table which then falls over exposing a body bag. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that’s Alison’s remains.

We’re brought to the pysch ward where Mona is in bed with a smirk on her face. She was in the double-masked costume it seems, since the second mask is lying next to her bed. Another unexpected turn. The scene brings us to a plot of ground dug up and warded off. In the spirit of Halloween, a hand comes up out of the ground, but doesn’t do much but wave around, most likely looking for help. Is this a flashback from God knows when? Or is this another poor victim for A to add to her/his list?

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